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IDCH for job hunters & strategic planners... history informs the present!

Published March 26, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

It can be hard to promote a history resource in a discipline such as Business where the focus is usually on the future. 

However, a good company history can help you understand the many strategic choices (successful or not) an organization has made, plus how those choices have shaped the company.

 Such information is invaluable for job huntingstrategic planning...

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Your feedback needed! Scopus trial to April 17

Published March 22, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

Image of the Scopus logoWe've just started a trial to Scopus and would love to hear what you think of it.

For those who don't know Scopus, it's a direct competitor to Web of Science (and perhaps to Google Scholar, depending on what you are trying to accomplish).  That is, Scopus is a very large citation database of peer-reviewed literature in journals, books, and conference proceedings across most research fields...

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Downstream effects of steel tariffs: IBISWorld

Published March 22, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

Image of steel girders with the text: Canada is the largest supplier and buyer of U.S. steel. 43.2% of U.S. iron and steel is exported to Canada. IBISWorld I see that IBISWorld has published an analysis of the possible effects of a US steel & aluminum tariff on Canadian industries and consumers:  Trump Tariff to Hit Consumers, Canadian Steel and Construction.

As I'm sure you could guess, such tariffs are expected to touch on many industries.  Here are direct links to IBISWorld reports on some ...

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