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Never miss an issue: setting up email alerts for The Economist

Published by Mark Bodnar
Earlier this week I wrote about an expansion to our archive of The Economist. I've since had a flood of questions (okay, two) about the more recent Economist issues — specifically about how to get alerted each time a new issue is available.

I'm avoiding other work right now, so I thought I'd have some fun and share the good news with you all: email alerts about new issues of The Economist are both feasible and super easy to set up!  Here's the shortest possible route...

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The Economist Archive: expanded to 178 years of economic goodness

Published by Mark Bodnar
Logo for The Economist magazineI'm pleased to report that SFU Library has expanded its online archive of The Economist. If I were asked about must-read news publications that cross the border between the realms of business & economics, The Economist magazine would probably be near the top of the list, so more is definitely better in this case! 

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Alert + workaround: Business articles (incl. HBR) not showing in Library Search results

Published by Mark Bodnar
​ About half of the articles in our Business Source Complete database are not showing up in Library Search or Catalogue results. This includes almost all of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles.

The articles are all still available in Business Source Complete — we haven't lost them entirely!

We're working on fixing this issue, but in the meantime please...

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Slow down and read one of these new BUS/ECON ebooks!

Published by Mark Bodnar
Simple line drawing of robot running on a treadmill.I've found this term to be like a treadmill stuck on the super-fast-can't-stop-help! setting — but I finally managed to catch my breath over the last few days. (Thank you, Reading Week!)

Once I had a chance to slow down, I thought I'd take a quick look back at the many economics & business ebooks we've added to the collection recently. And, because the human brain is an amazing pattern-detection machine (which is both good & bad), I immediately starting seeing trends and categories...

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Introducing Covidence, a web-based platform to streamline review research

Published by Mark Bodnar

Logo for the Covidence web-based platformSFU researchers now have access to an institutional subscription to Covidence, a web-based platform designed to make conducting a comprehensive literature review much simpler and faster.

Although it is most commonly used for systematic or scoping reviews, Covidence can support and streamline essentially any sort of knowledge synthesis project, including less formal reviews required in some graduate-level assignments.

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Factiva: More sources, more global, and more valuable!

Published by Mark Bodnar
Simple line drawing of a person with a newspaper next to their head.The world is in a constant state of flux, and business operates right at the edge of all that change. The curated-for-clicks content of most social media won't catch the niches and nuances needed to plan and execute business strategies, so including quality news sources in your daily routine is imperative. 

One of our best news sources here at SFU is Factiva — a database of over 33,000 news publications. Factiva is always expanding to ensure good coverage of emerging trends in all countries and industries. In fact, during the last year Factiva added more than 1,800+ new sources from 84 countries & territories in 23 languages! Here are just a few examples of the new content available to you...

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Interactive, bite-size instruction on more key workplace skills — expanded Sage Skills: Business

Published by Mark Bodnar

Q:  What's better than an online resource designed to support 54 foundational, high-demand workplace skills?

A:  An online resource designed to support 59 foundational, high-demand workplace skills!

Our SAGE Skills: Business resource has expanded. SAGE has added one new skill to each of the five modules in the database, and the new skills added are just as interactive & important in all workplaces as the initial 54...

Screen capture of the logo of SAGE Skills: Business

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Rockets, genomics, wearables and more: Plunkett Industry Almanacs online for SFU researchers!

Published by Mark Bodnar
I'm very pleased to report that we've added several industry almanacs to our Plunkett Research Online collection.

Screen capture of the logo of Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett industry almanacs are a useful supplement to our other industry reports, such as those in our IBISWorld database. They don't generally contain much analysis, but they provide the information you need to start analyzing potential markets yourself... trends, statistics, contacts, and competitors...

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Beyond Harry Potter & LOTR: Academic book series

Published by Mark Bodnar
Simple line drawing of a person reading a book that has a happy face on the coverYou know how enjoyable it can be to read (and re-read!) a popular fiction series? Each time you finish a title, you look forward to the characters, and perhaps even the story, continuing in further volumes. There's a mix of suspense and comfort in plowing through an entire series such as Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Discworld, or the Aubrey–Maturin books that I'm currently reading.

Nonfiction series may not offer much in the way of suspense between volumes, but finding a good academic series that touches on your specific research area can certainly be rewarding. Each new title is both familiar and new, with different aspects and perspectives of the topic explored in every volume.

I thought I'd highlight just a few of the academic book series I've been keeping an eye on lately...

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