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Published by Mark Bodnar

Screen capture of first screen of video, featuring the title "Contacting Your Business & Economics Librarian"Hi all -- I hope you are doing okay in these difficult times.

I recently wrote a post about the wealth of resources available remotely for SFU researchers, with a focus on our top business & economics resources.  I ended that post with some tips on ways to get help choosing and using those resources.  

Since then many students and faculty members have sent me questions, so it's clear that at least some people are aware that when the physical library is closed, our remote research assistance is still available! 

To ensure everyone knows they can still contact me with their business & economics questions, I've made a short "Doodly" video...

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Our library is where YOU are — especially in these complicated times!

Published by Mark Bodnar

As I'm sure you heard, SFU is moving away from in-person instruction starting tomorrow (March 16). For now, the library and other university facilities remain open, but even if our library buildings weren't open, you'd still be able to access many of our resources and services. 

**[Update (March 20]: Our Fraser and Belzberg Libraries are now closed and our Bennett (Burnaby) library will close as of 5pm tonight.  However, our online resources and services remain available. Read on for details... 

Line drawing of a question mark with a circle around it.Need some statistics to support your argument?
How about time series data from a wide range of sources?
Company & market financials
Market & industry analysis?
News articles? Streaming video? Online journals & books?

<Click for a list of key online business/economics resources to help you study from home.> 

On procrastination: how NOT to...

Published by Mark Bodnar

We've hit that magical time of semester when deadlines that once seemed theoretical now loom darkly on the horizon and lurch closer every time we blink. That time when snacks, social media, and even dirty dishes all seem so much more tempting than the task at hand... 

That's right -- it's procrastination time! Or, more grandly, it's National Procrastination Week!

In honour of this occasion, my colleagues here in the SFU Library have created one of the most inventive book displays I've ever seen on the main floor of our Burnaby library...  

<Don't wait! Click now for for pictures and resources!>

From big data to biomass energy: New Plunkett Industry Almanacs online for SFU researchers!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Image of the cover of the ebook: Plunkett's Sharing & Gig Economy, Freelance Workers & On-Demand Delivery Industry Almanac 2020I'm very pleased to report that we've added several industry almanacs to our Plunkett Research Online collection:

Each of these almanacs devotes 500+ pages to the...

  • major trends that are creating rapid changes in their target industry,  
  • in-depth statistics on sales, manufacturing, employment and more,
  • key contacts (associations, government agencies, and internet sites), and a
  • detailed directory of major firms, complete with high-level financial data and growth plans.

<Read on for links to the 14 new titles now available for downloading!>