• Your online account

    You can now do even more from your Library account

    Sign in to your Library Record to: see what books you have out, view your requests, and (new!) pay fines and fees.


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  • AskAway: Chat online with our research experts

    Get Library research help wherever you are -- by chat.

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  • Assignment calculator - use it for figuring out keep dates when writing a paper

    Assignment Calculator

    Just type in your assignment due date!  This time management tool will help you break down your writing assignments into a series of steps.

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  • Black History Month: Three black young adults smiling, with a stylized maple leaf.

    Celebrate Black History Month

    Explore the Library's collections -- in person and online.

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  • Visit our new Media and Maker Commons

    Make and create in the SFU Library's new makerspace!

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