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New! SAGE Skills: Business - interactive & flexible learning of key workplace skills

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to announce that SFU students (and instructors!) now have access to an online resource designed to support a wide range of foundational, high-demand workplace skills: SAGE Skills: Business.

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Your employers — both current and future — expect that you are also developing foundational skills needed in all workplaces during your time at SFU: skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork, as well as more modern requirements such as data analysis & visualization...

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Always changing, always improving: Resources to support your teaching development

Published by Mark Bodnar

simple line drawing of a person pointing at a screen"Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.” (Dylan Wiliam)

I firmly believe the quotation above; there is always room for improvement in teaching. Even if we approach perfection (one can dream!), our context is always changing, and we have to change with it. With that in mind, I recently created a new guide for the instructors in Business & Economics: Teaching resources for business & economics.

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