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Learn about financial markets... and earn a certificate! BMC is now online at SFU

Published by Mark Bodnar
Bloomberg Market Concepts certificate
Is it possible to excel in any area of business or economics without a basic understanding of financial markets... of how bonds, equities, and currencies are valued, and of how those values are affected by changes in major economic indicators such as GDP? I'd argue it is not.

I'm not saying someone focused on, for example, human resource management needs to be an expert in all the esoteric inner workings of finance, just that an awareness of the jargon and the underlying structure of financial markets will undoubtedly be useful and even required at some point.

And if you need to learn such things anyhow, why not get a certification you can proudly list in your CV and your LinkedIn profile? All SFU students can now complete the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification program online with no charge!

<Read on for details!>

Still free & still valuable: Updated Bloomberg Markets Certification

Published by Mark Bodnar

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog post extolling the many benefits of Bloomberg Markets Certification (BMC), especially the value of having this free, 8-hour, self-paced course listed on your resume if you're in accounting or finance. 

The benefits haven't changed, but the program has. Bloomberg has just announced that an updated, third edition of BMC is now available. Changes include...  <Read on for details>

Free resume booster for SFU researchers: Bloomberg Market Concepts

BMC image
Published by Mark Bodnar

A quick heads-up to all SFU researchers who deal with financial data from both companies and nations: did you know that you can boost your resume/CV and your LinkedIn profile with an official Bloomberg certification?  The Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course is available at no extra charge to all SFU students and faculty1

BMC is an 8-hour, self-paced, e-learning course...

Trial: ESG data via WRDS (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Published by Mark Bodnar

SFU researchers now have trial access to a collection of ESG data via our WRDS financial data interface.  This trial of RepRisk ESG data will end on Oct. 19, 2016 (yes -- 2016!).  The RepRisk data includes severity measures for each of 28 different issues (child labor, local pollution, freedom of association...) within the broader categories of Environmental, Social, and Governance.  <more>