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Researching an emerging industry? We've got an online encyclopedia for that!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Image of the cover of the Encyclopedia of Emerging IndustriesHere's one of those paradoxes that spice up the "researcher" parts of my life... business thrives on the edge, on NEWness: new industries, disruptive strategies, and unexplored niches are all the thrilling stuff of business adventures, yet that focus on what is just around the corner or just starting to take shape means that researching such topics can be... frustrating.  

[...] Sometimes it's useful to start with a source that gives you the big picture. That's why I'm very pleased to announce that SFU researchers now have access to the 2017 edition of the Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries!  

Read on for details...

Laos, Cuba, Ghana, Iraq, and beyond: Expanded Passport database!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Secondary market research is hard.  Sometimes really hard. Maybe you knew that already?  

You never quite find exactly what you need, so you're constantly searching for information that is close enough to form a foundation for an estimate.  That's generally doable when you're dealing with a major economy such as the USA, Canada, or China, but it gets a lot more difficult when you are researching a market in a developing country such as El Salvador or Ghana... 

Which makes today's news particularly exciting (for me, at least!).

Our Passport market research database is expanding its coverage to include 20 emerging markets... Read on for details!

Free poll results on trust in news sources (and much more!)

Published by Mark Bodnar

Happy sunny Friday!

A couple bits of public-opinion-polling news today: 

1. Ipsos just published a report on Trust in News Sources in Canada -- extremely relevant and important in our age of fake news.

2. Still with Ipsos, they are in the midst of a move toward providing a greater number of detailed poll results for free (no more subscription required) on a global scale.  Check out their CanadaUSUK, and Global sites to start.  Look for a link to News & Polls at each site.  

Read on for details!