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Spying vs. playing darts: New instructional video about lit review assignments

Published by Mark Bodnar

What do a game of darts, a master spy, and a literature review assignment have in common? Check out my new video for the answer!  

Title screen from video: Spying on a Conversation: Literature Review Assignments in Business

[Spying on a Conversation: Literature Review Assignments in Business]

Assignments that require students to summarise the academic research that's been conducted on a topic -- i.e., literature review assignments -- are common throughout SFU, including in Business.  Such assignments often seem straightforward  on the surface, but it can be easy to waste time and get poor results. 

My new video provides lots of tips and tricks to make the research for your next literature review assignment much more efficient and effective.

Hope you find it useful!

-- Mark

P.S.: Instructors: Let me know if you'd like the embed code required to add this video to your Canvas courses.

Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian