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Researching Indigenous business topics: New guide to save you time!

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to announce that SFU researchers now have a detailed research guide available on Indigenous business resources!

Screen capture showing the table of contents of the new guide: background info, books & ebooks, articles, company directories, associations & industry organizations, government, miscellaneous, and additional research guides
An increasing number of SFU assignments, courses, and programs in Business (and beyond!) are focusing on ways to work with and for Indigenous communities on business and economic development projects. Our new guide is intended to save you time and effort on such projects.

The guide provides direct links to core resources such as association and government pages, specialized news sources, and much (much!) more.  

At the risk of confirming a librarian stereotype... I'd like to highlight the guide's section on ebooks and books.

Many researchers will skip books out of a mistaken belief that they can be dated or time consuming. In fact, we have many ebooks from the last few years on this topic -- we buy almost anything we can find on it. Moreover, a good book is a timesaver in that the expert author has gathered, evaluated, and organized information for you in one neat little package.

For this topic, relevant books can be particularly hard to find, so we've made an extra effort to identify and provide direct links to many useful items. With that many amazing titles, we decided to group them into categories (e.g., "Indigenous resource and economic development"). You'll need to open each category to uncover its treasures. See below for a treasure map screen capture. 

Screen capture of a section of the guide showing the subcategories of books & ebooks available.

If you have any resources to suggest for this new guide, please do let me know!

All the best, 

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

P.S.: A big thank you to Alexandra Krakus for her great work developing this valuable new guide!

P.P.S.: This new guide is one of many "Additional Resources" on the Library's business pages. Explore the list for other timesavers!

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