SFU Library group, quiet, and silent study areas: Policy and locations


In order to ensure a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users, the Library has designated Group Study, Quiet Study, and Silent Study areas.

 To find these areas, check the maps on this page, and look for the posted signs in Library buildings. 

 Please notify a library staff member if conversation, noise, or other activities are disturbing others. 

Group study

Discussion encouraged. 

All three SFU Libraries have group study rooms available, and the entire 2nd and 3rd floors at Bennett can be used by groups.

Check the maps for details.

​​  Quiet study

Speak quietly and keep conversations brief.

Much of the space in SFU Libraries is designated for quiet study.  

See location maps for details. 

  Silent study

No talking.

There are designated silent study spaces at both Fraser and Bennett Libraries, including the entire 6th floor at Bennett.

Find quiet, group, and silent study areas: Location maps

W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

Side view of floors at Bennett Library, showing floors 4, 5, and 7 as quiet, floor 6 as silent, and floors 2 and 3 as group study areas. "Use of the stairwells for phone or video calls is encouraged."
Quiet, silent, and group areas by floor. ​​Note: Use of the stairwells for phone or video calls is encouraged.

  Group study:

 Quiet study:

      Silent study:



      Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)

      Floor map of Fraser Library, showing quiet and silent study areas.
      Silent and group study areas at the Fraser Library. Other areas are designated quiet.

        Group study:

      • Rooms 3658, 3660, 3662, 3664, 3666, 3668 and 3670 and 3695

        Quiet study:

      • All of the Fraser Library is designated quiet study, except for the silent and group study areas noted below.

        Silent study:

      • Room 3650


      Belzberg Library and Research Commons (Vancouver Campus)

      Map of Belzberg Library mezzanine, showing directions to group study area.
      Belzberg Library Mezzanine level, showing group study space (Room 1056). The remainder of Belzberg is a designated quiet area.

        Group study:

      • Room 1056, Mezzanine level 

         Quiet study:


      Main floor of Belzberg Library showing quiet area.
      Belzberg Library main floor level, showing group study space (Room 1002). The remainder of Belzberg is a designated quiet area.



      The Vancouver Research Commons, showing quiet and group study spaces.
      The Vancouver Research Commons (Harbour Centre, room 7050), showing quiet and group study spaces.