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Liaison librarians: Contact information

 How to reach us during COVID-19:

  • Email preferred:  At this time most Library staff are not onsite, and we recommend contacting us by email.
  • If you leave a phone message, please include your email address to help us respond to you.

Liaison librarians are subject specialists who work closely with SFU departments. 

Specialty Liaison Librarian Library Representative
Archaeology Jenna Walsh David Maxwell
Biological Sciences Hazel Plante Michael Hart
Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Hazel Plante Matthew White
Business Administration Mark Bodnar
Moninder Lalli
Geoffrey Poitras
Chemistry Crystal Yin Caterina Ramogida
Communication Sylvia Roberts Steven Malcic
Computing Science Holly Hendrigan Steven Pearce
Contemporary Arts Sylvia Roberts  Chris Pavsek
Criminology Yolanda Koscielski Zachary Rowan
Data Services Carla Graebner  
Digital Humanities Rémi Castonguay  
Digital Publishing Kate Shuttleworth  
Earth Sciences Crystal Yin Jessica Pilarczyk
Economics Mark Bodnar Doug Allen
Education Melissa Smith Carolyn Mamchur
Engineering Science Holly Hendrigan Ljiljana Trajkovic
English Ivana Niseteo Michelle Levy
Environment Jenna Walsh  
French Ivana Niseteo Stephen Steele
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Moninder Lalli Coleman Nye
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Sarah Zhang  
Geography Sarah Zhang Shiv Balram
Gerontology Nina Smart Habib Chaudhury
Government Information Carla Graebner  
Health Sciences Hazel Plante Tim Takaro
History Baharak Yousefi Emily O'Brien
Humanities Ivana Niseteo Sabrina Higgins
Indigenous Initiatives Jenna Walsh  
Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre Ashley Edwards  
Indigenous Studies Jenna Walsh Joyce Schneider
Interactive Arts & Technology Adena Brons/Megan Sorenson Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda
International Studies Baharak Yousefi Tamir Moustafa
Labour Studies Moninder Lalli Kendra Strauss
Liberal Studies Baharak Yousefi Stephen Duguid
Linguistics Ivana Niseteo Heather Bliss
Maps Sarah Zhang  
Mathematics Crystal Yin Imin Chen
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Holly Hendrigan Erik Kjeang
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Hazel Plante Frederic Pio
Philosophy Yolanda Koscielski Kathleen Akins
Physics Crystal Yin Eundeok Mun
Political Science Baharak Yousefi Mark Pickup
Psychology Yolanda Koscielski Mark Blair
Public Policy Nina Smart John Richards
Publishing Adena Brons/Megan Sorenson Mauve Pagé
Research Commons Ali Moore  
Resource & Environmental Management Jenna Walsh Brett van Poorten
Scholarly Communications Adena Brons/Crystal Yin  
Sociology & Anthropology Moninder Lalli Noel Dyck
South Asian Initiatives Moninder Lalli  
Statistics and Actuarial Science Crystal Yin Cary Tsai
Sustainable Energy Engineering Holly Hendrigan Taco Niet
Teaching & Learning Hope Power  
Urban Studies Nina Smart Paddy Smith
World Languages and Literatures (WLL) Ivana  Niseteo Melek Ortabasi


See also Contact us: Phone numbers & key staff contacts for contact information for selected Library services and Library management.