Indigenous Initiatives

The eagle flies the highest in the sky, and in a coast salish story people would seek guidance from the eagle to gain knowledge of faraway places. This representational eagle wing relief was created to bring the knowledge to students as they seek guidance in their studies. -- Marissa Nahanee


Indigenous Initiatives, Project 57: Unlearning and learning together

The Decolonizing the Library Working Group (DLWG) invites everyone to learning alongside us with Project 57.  This project is a response to the TRC Call to Action 57, which calls on "federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to provide education to public servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples." Over the next 57 weeks the DLWG will share information about a topic related to Indigenous Peoples, communities, and culture.

This week, let's learn about powwow.


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 Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre

Learn how and why to decolonize and Indigenous your curriculum

  Virtual Representations of Indigenous Knowledges and Places

You're invited to learn about several Indigenous communities and community-centred projects


  Traditional Territories

Start your decolonizing journey with a land acknowledgement and positionality statement

  Indigenous Digital Media Grants

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Contact Jenna Walsh, Indigenous Initiatives Librarian, for questions and collaborations related to:

  • the Department of Indigenous Studies
  • Indigenous research methods
  • Indigenous data sovereignty
  • Indigenous thesis support.

Contact Ashley Edwards, Indigenous Initiatives and Instruction Librarian, for questions and collaborations related to:


For inquiries about Indigenous initiatives beyond these areas, please email

  Decolonizing the Library Working Group

Formed in 2018, this Group's focus is on guiding the Library's response to the Aboriginal Reconciliation Council's report, Walk This Path With Us.