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Market Research for EntrepreNorth: #1 - Intro

Published by Mark Bodnar

These next few posts are intended for the participants in the EntrepreNorth program supported by SFU Radius, but they may prove useful for any entrepreneur who is at an early stage in their market planning.

My aim with these posts is try to give shape and direction to what can often be a nebulous and confusing process: secondary market research.  Along the way, I hope to touch on some big-picture questions...

<Read on for the intro to this series.>

Market Research for EntrepreNorth: #2 - Why

Published by Mark Bodnar

Experience & instinct are a good starting place…

I’m guessing that you’ve been living with your product idea – mulling it over for months, if not years – and perhaps you’ve already been working in the industry.  

You know your product already, and you probably have a pretty good idea who your main customers might be and how to reach them.

<Read on to read about the power & pitfall of relying on instinct & experience!>