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On tidying up the office... (or not)

Published by Mark Bodnar

Sooo... Staples Advantage Canada has named today "National Clean Your Office Day."  My cynical side sees the obvious marketing ploy, of course, but my I-can't-find-my-desk side grudgingly accepts that perhaps some tidying and organizing (and recycling, scrubbing, airing-out...) might be worth investigating.

It's a small, small world in corporate director-land!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Okay, this is just too cool not to share...

I was just looking for something in our ThomsonOne-Investment Banking database when I noticed a feature that I hadn't really explored before.  Under Screening & Analysis > Individuals > Officers & Directors > Connections I was able to track the connections between two directors or C-suite personnel from different corporations.

On Flash Boys and High Frequency Trading

Published by Mark Bodnar

You may have heard about the new book by Michael Lewis, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, in the last few days.  It's been reviewed, critiqued, excerpted, and discussed in places such as Slate, NYT Magazine, and the