Does the Library provide wireless internet (Wi-Fi)?


Where can I connect?

All three SFU campuses have wireless Internet networks.

Who can connect?

SFU Students, faculty and staff

Students, faculty, and staff who have a valid SFU computing ID may access the wireless network.

SFU alumni

SFU alumni have full access to the SFU campus wireless network. Note, however, that accessing SFU Library online books, journals, and other web-based resources via the wireless network is considered as off campus access and alumni are restricted via wireless to a subset of the library's electronic resources. For a list of web-based resources available to alumni via the SFU wireless network, see Electronic resources available to SFU Alumni off-campus or via SFU campus wireless.

Your name and SFU library barcode are not sufficient for wireless access.

Non-SFU faculty, staff, and students

While at SFU, if you make use of the Eduroam wireless service you will be considered as being off campus and will NOT be able to access SFU library electronic resources which require an SFU computing ID and password for access.

Note that people without valid SFU computing accounts or Eduroam privileges cannot be signed on to the wireless network with an SFU Library Guest ID.

How can I connect?

To access the SFU campus wireless network you need a laptop computer or WiFi-enabled mobile device (tablet, smartphone). Some laptops may require a wireless network card (NIC). Visit the various locations at SFU Burnaby, SFU Surrey or SFU Vancouver for in-person assistance with connecting to the wireless Internet.

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