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Actions vs words: New video on using news to research companies

Published by Mark Bodnar

Another video!  I've just published: Actions vs Words: Understanding a Company's Strategies Using News Sources.

As we pivot to remote instruction, I'm trying to make videos on some of the concepts, strategies, and resources that I would normally cover in my in-class presentations.  

As you can probably figure out from the title, this one is about using news sources to gather information about what a company has been doing so that you can infer the company's strategy, rather than relying solely on the company's explicit statements or third-party analysis. That is, focusing on actions vs. words.  

And it includes a brief demonstration of one of our main news article databases here at SFU: Factiva.

Screen capture of the title screen of video: "Actions vs Words: Understanding a Company's Strategies Using News Sources

My last few videos were created using Doodly software. For this one I combined a Powerpoint with narration and a live database demonstration, all stitched together using OBS  (Open Broadcaster Software). One more step up a steep learning curve!  

Instructors: All of the videos I publish can be embedded in Canvas. Let me know if you need the embedding code for any of them.

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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