Research tools

Assignment calculator
Helps you break down your writing assignments into a series of manageable steps. 

Accessing online resources from off campus
Approaches and advanced tips for remote access. 

Citation management software
Tools to help you keep track of your sources and format your citations. 

LibKey Nomad browser extension
For easier off-campus access to the Library's subscription resources. 

Python resources and support 
Python's versatility, extensive libraries, and relatively straightforward syntax make it a popular choice for researchers.

R: Downloading, learning about, and support for R software
A free, open-source programming language primarily for statistics and graphics.

Research software on Research Commons computers
A listing of software -- primarily for graduate students. 

Search other libraries
Links to other library catalogues (from the Lower Mainland to international), and Interlibrary Loan information.

Where can I get this? Citation Finder
Use your citation information to find a specific journal article, book, or thesis.