Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) resource guide: Home

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SFU is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and mutual respect and strives to create an environment where all SFU community members can thrive.

As part of this commitment, SFU's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Initiative has partnered with the SFU Library to develop this EDI resource guide.

Curated resources

This EDI guide is made up of curated resources to help you think more deeply about EDI and understand how these concepts are central to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive SFU community.

Books, videos, and more

We've collected links to videos, infographics, guides, scholarly material, etc., on equity, diversity, and inclusion-related topics to deepen your understanding.

More SFU-made resources to come 

As EDI becomes more embedded in SFU practices and policies we expect to have more SFU-made resources to share with you.

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Key resources

Skills and strategies

Diversity and Inclusion Community of Practice: Community Guidelines (SFU)
These guidelines are meant to act as guiding principles in our dialogue and learning to facilitate safe and healthy discussion around issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

iBelong (SFU)
How do we develop skills to foster inclusion and belonging? Explore cultures, worldviews, and perspectives with these videos, stories, and infographics from SFU's Our Learning Community.

How diversity makes us smarter (Scientific American, 2014]
Did you know that being around people who are different from us can make us more creative, diligent, and hard-working? 

Understanding Workplace Diversity for Managers
An infographic showing eight ways managers and supervisors can recruit, support and retain a diverse workforce. With references produced by Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology.

Inclusive and antiracist writing guide (SFU Library)
This guide from the Student Learning Commons offers strategies, resources, and examples for how to make your writing more inclusive.

How are we doing?

Diversity and Inclusion: How Does Higher Ed Rate?
This podcast asks, how well are we doing in higher education? (From Teaching in Higher Ed, February 22 2018, episode 193).

Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Canadian universities
From Universities Canada, search by province, topic, or under-represented group to learn about Canadian university initiatives to create more open and inclusive communities.

Toolkits and reports

Enhancing Department Climate: A Guide for Department Chairs
A checklist  that will help you create more inclusive spaces in your department or unit (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Getting Started: Diversity and Identity
A toolkit for embracing diversity and inclusion in the classroom, from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. Includes readings as well as activities for teachers.

Diversity & inclusion councils: Toolkit for diversity and inclusion practitioners 
This toolkit from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion makes the case for councils (foundational to creating inclusive spaces and oganisations) and includes a checklist for establishing one.

Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement
This guide, created by Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in 2020,  proposes eight principles for supporting diverse voices in public engagement processes.

Going deeper

"We Are All for Diversity, but . . .": How Faculty Hiring Committees Reproduce Whiteness and Practical Suggestions for How They Can Change
Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo argue in this 2017 article that hiring committees can be instrumental in either increasing diversity or maintaining the status quo.

Mindfulness and Complex Identities in Equity Training: A Pilot Study
In this 2017 article Monica J. Sanchez-Flores asks if mindfulness help us better understand our social location and improve our ability to participate in equity work.

The language of diversity
Sara Ahmed's 2007 article asks, "What does diversity do?", examines how the term "diversity" is used by diversity workers, and explores the uses and limitations of the word.

The equity myth : racialization and indigeneity at Canadian universities
A comprehensive, data-based study of racialized and Indigenous faculty members' experiences in Canadian universities, which challenges the myth of equity in higher education (2017).

Acknowledgements and authorship 

These Equity, diversity, and inclusion pages were developed as part of the SFU Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in collaboration with the SFU Library.

The resources here build on the significant work of SFU liaison librarian Moninder Lalli, who created and took responsibility for a series of Intercultural Communication and Diversity information resources over the course of many years.

The Library thanks Moninder Lalli for her leadership and dedication to the cause of equity, diversity, and inclusion.