Digital Humanities research guide: Home

This guide provides a basic introduction to finding digital humanities tools, communities, and support.

Curious about digital humanities, have an idea, or are stuck on how to get started? Contact Rebecca DowsonDigital Scholarship Librarian, at with any questions.

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities seeks to bring new technological tools and methods to the teaching, research, and creative work of traditional humanities disciplines. Digital humanists also seek to utilize traditional humanistic tools to analyze new digital media.

New Books in Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

The Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL) is a research incubator located in the W.A.C. Bennett Library at SFU Burnaby and using meeting space at the Vancouver and Surrey Campuses, 

The key role of DHIL is to assist SFU researchers with the development of digital scholarship research by providing consultation, training, mentoring, research software development and technical support to faculty and graduate students. DHIL represents an opportunity to align research in the Digital Humanities with the Library’s expertise in digital initiatives, unique special collections, and research-skill development programs.

See Digital Humanities Innovation Lab: Home for more information on the lab's activities and ways to work with the lab.