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Student Learning Commons: Information for instructors

Launched in Fall 2006, the Student Learning Commons (SLC) is an academic writing and learning centre with the mandate to assist and support students in their academic pursuits, and a focus on providing writing, learning, and language support services across the three SFU campuses.

We welcome your questions and comments as well as opportunities to collaborate with you in supporting student learning both within and beyond the classroom.

SLC staff frequently develop and present workshops and/or other resources for a course, group, or specific assignment. We focus on aspects of writing as well as other academic skills you think would benefit your students. 

Would you like to request a workshop? Please complete this short SFU Survey. 
Due to increasing demand, we may not be able to accommodate requests made with less than two weeks' notice

For more information on how the SLC works with students and instructors, see SLC Facts & Feedback and SLC Projects & Reports. We also work closely with the SFU Library, which provides library-research workshops at an instructor's request (simply send an email to

To inform your students about SLC services, please download and display (or include in Canvas) this SLC slide for in-class promotion.

Referring students to the SLC

A referral from an instructor is a powerful motivator for most students!

Many instructors offer bonus marks for students who follow up on a recommendation to visit the SLC to discuss a writing, exam preparation or other academic issues. The SLC will provide them with a signed confirmation that they attended a workshop or consultation.  As with all students, we will expect them to actively engage in the consultation if they arrive for an appointment seeking bonus marks.

To explore grammar and other writing concerns, it is also most helpful if students are reminded to bring their original work as well as any copy that may have been extensively corrected online by an instructor.

Record of participation form

Giving bonus marks? Download our Record of participation form so students can document their SLC workshop and/or consultation attendance.

Referral stickers

The SLC will provide referral stickers for you to attach to students' work. For a supply of stickers in print, please email If you'd like an electronic version right-click the image to copy or save:

I encourage you to contact the Student Learning Commons  for: writing help; study/exam help

SLC Peer recruitment and stickers

SLC Peers, student volunteers who are selected for their superior academic and interpersonal skills, provide one-to-one learning and writing consultations for undergraduate students. If you know students who would make great SLC Peers, please consider attaching a recruitment sticker to their work to encourage them to apply to our program. For a supply of stickers, please email If you'd like an electronic version, right-click the image to copy or save:

Great work! I encourage you to volunteer as a Learning and Writing Peer Educator at the Student Learning Commons.

Information for Fraser International College Instructors

Although students from Fraser International College are not eligible to access SLC one-on-one services,  the SLC is pleased to offer writing and learning support to FIC students in the form of customized workshops, general writing and learning workshops, and self-directed online resources. For more details about these services, see Student Learning Commons support for Fraser International College (FIC) instructors and students at the Student Learning Commons, SFU Library.