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Academic English Coaching

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About the Academic Coaching program

The Student Learning Commons' Academic English Coaching program is especially designed for students with English as a second or additional language.

The approach we adopt integrates professional coaching and principles of neuroscience research into the language learning process. Your coach with work with you to set goals, build the language up step by step, fully focused on what you need, and together, create a personalized framework to help you move forward and improve your language skills.

The program is now accepting registrations for the Summer 2022 semester. Space is limited. Register now to secure your spot.

Please note as of Summer 2022, this service is only available for undergraduate students. Graduate students may apply beginning in the Fall 2022 semester.




For the Summer 2022 term, language coaching sessions will be held in person and virtually on Zoom. 

Note: This service is only available to registered SFU students. Non-SFU students, including visiting scholars, post doctorate students and FIC students are not eligible.

To participate in the program, fill out the online registration form AND create a WCOnline account with your SFU email, if you do not have an existing account created already. You will then be contacted to schedule your first session.


Self-learning exercises

Self Help Resources
Wide variety of interactive English grammar, listening and reading exercises for academic writing.

The Write Site
Modules on grammar, using sources, structure.

The Academic Phrasebank
Examples of some of the phraseological ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing organized according to the main sections of a research paper or dissertation.



Writing Cohesively with Thematic Progression
In this webinar, you will learn language strategies to move from one statement in a text to the next to establish a clear connection of ideas in your writing.

Academic Reading Skills
Multilingual students often find reading academic texts difficult as they encounter unfamiliar vocabulary and writing styles. This webinar will give you some ideas for what to do when you come across new vocabulary words and how to learn strategies to make sense of your reading.

Structuring Ideas through Grammar
In this webinar, you will learn language strategies you can use to guide the reader through the logical connections between the ideas and information in your writing.

Let’s Talk!
Join your peers in a friendly group setting to practice and improve your speaking and listening skills. Let's Talk! is open to all SFU stude