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Resources for English for Academic Purposes

In-person support

Academic English Coaching

The Student Learning Commons' Academic English Coaching program offers free, one-to-one English language coaching to help students for whom English is an additional language improve their academic English skills.

How it works

The English for Academic English Coaching Program is designed to help you identify and address areas that need extra work, set goals, and work towards achieving them throughout the semester. You will meet with an English language specialist a minimum of three times per semester (in total a maximum of 5 times) while working independently on a personalized academic English learning plan.

Note: This service is only available to registered SFU students. Non-SFU students, including visiting scholars, post doctorate students and FIC students are not eligible.

Non-credit courses

Academic English Grammar and Writing for Multilingual Learners

Academic English Grammar and Writing for Multilingual Learners is a co-curricular course offered by the Student Learning Commons (SLC) and has been carefully designed to help you succeed as a multilingual learner of English. 

The course combines grammar for academic purposes, critical thinking, and academic writing for university. The syllabus focuses on developing an appropriate academic voice to help you express yourself correctly and appropriately in academic writing as a member of the SFU academic community.  The course is not formally graded, but students will complete several reading, writing, and grammar tasks, all of which will be graded and used to provide 

 Open to undergraduate students only.

The required workbook is Grammar for Academic Purposes by Steve Marshall. Students have the option of purchasing the online version ($23.95) or the book ($36.00 at the bookstore).

Summer 2019 term course dates, times, and location:

May 14 - July 16, 2019
Tuesdays 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Library Rooms:
Room 2105 - May 14, 28; June 4, 18, 25; July 16
Room 7200 - May 21; June 11; July 2, 9


The first class on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 will be held in Library Room 2105.

The location will be alternating between Rooms 7200 and 2105 throughout the semester (please see the library rooms list above).

Academic Writing for Graduate Students

Academic Writing for Graduate Students is a non-credit, 10 week co-curricular course designed for graduate students for whom English is an additional language (EAL).  The major goal of the course is for students to apply their analytical skills to the discourses of their chosen disciplines and to explore how effective academic writing in Western scholarly tradition is achieved in order to position themselves as junior scholars in their chosen academic communities. 

Required textbook: (Supplied)

Swales, John M., & Feak, Christine B. (2011). Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills (3rd Edition). Ann Arbor: U of Michigan Press (ISBN: 978-0472-03475-8).

Summer 2019 term course dates, times, and location:

May 15 - July 17, 2019
Wednesdays, 9:30 AM-12:20 PM
Bennett Library, Research Commons, Room 7010


The class on Wednesday July 3, 2019 will be held in Library Room 7200.

Self-learning exercises

Self Help Resources
Wide variety of interactive English grammar, listening and reading exercises for academic writing.

Writing paragraphs
Writing exercises for self-directed study on academic writing.

The Write Site (SLC recommended)
Modules on grammar, using sources, structure.

Features of Academic Writing (from University of Hertfordshire, UK)