Services offered by the Student Learning Commons


During COVID-19, Student Learning Commons services continue.
For the complete range, including consultations, support, workshops, handouts, and groups, see SLC services continue online.  


Help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies

The Student Learning Commons (SLC) offers expert and friendly help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies -- in an environment of collaboration, discussion, and peer learning.

We offer:

Learn about the SFU Library’s instruction strategy. Created in consultation with partners and learners within and outside the Library, this strategy guides how the Library and the SLC work with SFU learners, teachers, and staff. We support the full cycle of knowledge creation: curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and engagement with community. We are forward-looking and collaborative, attentive to areas of growth, capacity, change, and opportunity.

Other support services 

Visit Student Services for a comprehensive listing of services or check out some of the highlights listed below.

Academic support for student athletes

The Academics First program provides academic resources, services and support for student athletes.

Canvas support 

For support with using SFU's Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, see guides for students and for instructors

Computing services 

For SFU computing services and facilities, see Technology support for students.

Counselling support

Students may encounter a range of life challenges that can affect learning and academic success if left unattended.  The  Counsellors in Health and Counselling Services provide free and confidential support for any registered SFU student. Students can also access free 24/7 mental health support through call and chat with MySSP

Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL)

The FAL course has been designed to support and empower new and returning SFU students who want or need to become more comfortable and confident in their academic literacy skills. FAL will help students become effective writers, problem solvers, thinkers and learners, and will prepare them to be successful in meeting the requirements of designated W (writing-intensive) courses.  

Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning (FAN)

FANX99 is open to all new or returning SFU students and is designed to upgrade or refresh your analytical and quantitative skills. See Q Support below for related information.

Q support

Q courses cover a range of analytical and quantitative approaches and are offered in many faculties and departments. Wondering whether you have the knowledge to succeed in a Q course? One way to find out is by taking the
Q Placement Test - but you can take the Q Placement Test only once, so preparation is key!

Q Placement Preparation Tips:

  1. become familiar with the list of Q Assessment Topics underlying the questions which may appear on the test;
  2. try the Practice Q Placement Test;
  3. warm up by trying the Math Readiness Assessment from the U of Saskatchewan.

Need more preparation for Q courses (or life)? Foundations of Academic Numeracy (FANX99) may be just the course for you. There is also a Q Support Workshop for assistance outside of the class.

Research help 

Visit the Ask a Librarian webpage to learn about the research services and supports available through SFU Libraries. 

Resumes/cover letters

The Career Management Centre in the Beedie School of Business, and Career Peers in Career Services offer help with planning and composing resumes/cover letters.

Student advising

Student Services provides general academic advising and program planning.

Support for accessible learning 

For disability related information, support and counselling available for SFU students, check out the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL).  

Are you an SFU student with a disability interested in support to navigate your work search journey? Work Integrated Learning (WIL) has a ready resource and support options you can check out here.

Support for instructors

Visit the Centre for Educational Excellence for instructional supports for faculty, instructors, and TA/TMs.