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Student Learning Commons instructional support for Fraser International College

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The Student Learning Commons (SLC) is pleased to offer writing and learning support to Fraser International College students in the form of customized workshops, general writing and learning workshops, and self-directed online resources.

Please note: FIC students are not eligible to access one-on-one SLC consultation services or the online tutoring service.

Support is offered through the following options:

Customised workshops

FIC instructors are welcome to request workshops tailored to a specific assignment that has a writing, learning, or research component. Simply fill in our survey--FIC Request for Research & Writing Workshops--and a staff member from the Library or SLC will be in touch with you to confirm details.

  • Requests must be made at least one month in advance, and are dependent on staffing and space resources.
    • As space and staff are usually booked up early, we recommend requesting specialised instruction as early as possible, ideally before the start of the semester.
    • Please note that library instruction labs can generally hold a maximum of 35 students.
    • For classes where a computer lab is not required, and for larger groups, SLC instructors can sometimes visit FIC facilities.
  • Instructors must attend the workshops with their classes.
  • Workshops are usually 1– 2.5 hours long. Depending on the assignment and students' needs, topics may include but are not limited to the following:
    • Structuring ideas through grammar
    • Narrowing an essay topic
    • Developing a thesis
    • Building solid arguments
    • Integrating sources into writing
    • Strategies for editing and proofreading
    • Reading and note-taking strategies
    • Time-management
    • Exam preparation

General writing and learning workshops

FIC students are welcome to drop in or register for scheduled workshops. Titles include

  • Analyze This! From Summary to Critical Writing
  • Structuring Ideas Through Grammar
  • Speaking Effectively
  • Getting the Most From Your Textbooks

Self-directed online resources

FIC students may use the SLC's web-based resources at any time. These resources cover such skills as:

  • learning and studying (time-management, note-taking, reading)
  • writing for university
  • revising and editing techniques
  • English language skills.

FIC instructors may want to integrate such resources and tools as the Assignment Calculator, an assortment of Academic Videos, and downloadable handouts.

For information on the Library's services to FIC students, Services & Resources for Fraser International College (FIC) Students.