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Student Learning Commons: Learning workshops

This is a list of all learning workshops offered by the Student Learning Commons. All upcoming workshops for undergraduates are listed here. For further information about SLC workshops and services, contact us.

Concentration strategies

Learn valuable tools and strategies to stay more focused when studying and to deal with internal and external distractions.

Creating an effective study schedule

Would you like to use your time better?  Effective time management is not about being “the perfect student” but is based on self-awareness of your priorities and habits.  Attend this workshop to begin the process of self-awareness and move towards realistic scheduling.

Critical reading and thinking

Professors and TAs often talk about the need to think critically, but few actually explain what critical thinking is or how to do it. We will go through what critical thinking is, and what questions to ask to promote critical thinking, right from the first time you read a piece.  Through activities and resources, you will gain insights that will help you build this crucial skill.

“Crunch time” survival 101

Panicky about deadlines and upcoming exams? Or are you in avoidance mode now and the stress will hit you later? Either way, come learn how to deal with exams… and with your own worst “crunch time” habits!

Get the most from your lectures

Lectures are a relatively low effort way of keeping up with classes.  Yet many students question their usefulness and even stop attending.  Attend this workshop to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your lecture attendance.

Get the most from your textbooks

Discover how to learn more effectively from textbooks and develop useful techniques for retaining course information.

Giving effective presentations

Are you giving a presentation this term? Strong presentations are made up of three components—content, visuals and delivery. Learn some strategies to make your content stand out, your visuals resonate and your delivery impress.

How to stay focused on school in the summer

So many things compete for your attention in the summer - work, friends, weekend trips, and ... THE SUMMER!  Learn some strategies to cut through the distractions and give your summer courses the attention they need.

How to succeed in Quantitative courses

Did you find out last term that university-level quantitative courses are harder than you thought?  Or is it your first time taking one?  Either way, attend this workshop, developed by a college math instructor, to learn how to gain the deep understanding needed to solve even the trickiest exam problem.

How to succeed on exams

This workshop will teach you which study strategies are shown by research to be the most effective, as well as how to manage your time when writing exams and deal with common types of questions:  multiple choice, problem solving, essay and short answer.

Improve your concentration and reading effectiveness

Do you drift off while reading and don’t retain much?  Or do you get distracted easily in lectures?  You are spending valuable time on these activities, so you might as well increase your effectiveness by adopting strategies described in this workshop.

Improve your reading effectiveness

Do​ you feel that you are not getting enough benefit from the time you invest in your readings?  This workshop will cover how to effectively learn from various types of readings (textbook, journal article, online source) with a variety of academic purposes in mind (test prep, paper writing, discussion). 

Managing Procrastination

Do you put off doing schoolwork because it stresses you out, only to find that putting it off has made it even more stressful?  Or do you just have trouble tearing yourself away from activities you enjoy more than schoolwork?  Either way, come learn some strategies to help you get down to work.

Study strategies that work!

Do you want optimize the effectiveness of the time you devote to studying?  Come learn which study strategies are most strongly supported by research, and how to maximize your focus while studying. 

Successful exam writing

Focusing on the period immediately before and during exams, this workshop will touch on preparation and then discuss time management during exams, as well as common types of questions:  multiple choice, problem solving, essay and short answer.

Time management for busy students

Are you juggling work, school and other responsibilities?  Attend this workshop to build skills around living by your priorities; it will be a good investment of your precious time.