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Student Learning Commons: Writing workshops

This is a list of all writing workshops offered by the Student Learning Commons. All upcoming workshops for undergraduates are listed here. For further information about SLC workshops and services, contact us.

Academic integrity 1

Learn about expectations regarding academic integrity at SFU, as well as strategies for integrating other peoples’ words and ideas into research papers to avoid plagiarism and add authority to your voice.

Academic integrity 2

Paraphrasing is an important skill for academic writing. Learn effective strategies to incorporate others' ideas into your research essays.

Analyze This! From summarization to critical writing

In many courses, you must not only summarize readings but analyze their content or structure: an often challenging combination! This workshop begins with general strategies for effectively reading and summarizing sources, then offers critical thinking and writing techniques that help you transition from summary to analysis.

Polish your writing: Clarity & concision

"Too wordy. Redundant. Be concise." If you've ever received these kinds of comments on your papers--or if you just want to take your style to the next level--this workshop is for you! Learn techniques you can use right away to help you pare your prose and write with greater clarity, succinctness, and power.

Polish your writing: Paragraphs with power

Would you like to write clearer, more powerful paragraphs? In this workshop, learn more effective ways to begin your paragraphs, create better flow, write effective introductions and conclusions, and avoid common paragraph errors.

Structuring ideas through grammar

Improve your writing by learning how different grammatical choices can help you present and develop your ideas. Students are encouraged to bring copy of a paper they are currently working on to apply the techniques to their own writing.

Using sources in your paper? Integrate and attribute

You've found the sources you want to use in your paper. Now . . . how do you incorporate them? Learn more about ways to integrate sources smoothly within paragraphs, clearly attribute the materials you quote and paraphrase, and where to find more help with particular citation styles. 

Writing a term paper? Start planning now!

Even if your term paper isn't due for weeks, it pays to start planning now. This workshop suggests techniques to understand your assignment, manage your time, create sound arguments from source materials, organize your ideas, and revise a first draft. You also learn how to use SFU's resources for more help.