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On altmetrics, going beyond citations to measure research impact

Published by Alison Moore
Altmetrics are an innovative approach to measure the impact of research that looks beyond traditional citation counts to measure a broader range of impacts, including online dissemination, social media attention, and public policy implications.

On extended access to research: an interview with a community scholar

Published by Alison Moore
The Community Scholars Program, initiated and coordinated by SFU Library, provides access to academic publications to employees of charities and non-profits in the local communities of six BC universities. We were able to interview a Community Scholar, in order to gain a glimpse into the perspective of a participant, hear their thoughts on various aspects of the program and the value of accessible research outputs, from the perspective of the non-profit sector.

An overview of institutional repositories in Africa

Published by Alison Moore
Open Access Institutional Repositories (OAIR) have brought about a culture of sharing and participation, and African scholars must take advantage of this. How are the barriers to publishing in OAIR overcome?