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Two new transformative agreements to benefit SFU researchers

Published by Ioana Liuta
SFU Library is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new transformative open access agreements with scholarly publishers. Through our membership in the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), SFU has recently signed agreements with Elsevier and Oxford University Press.

On extended access to research: an interview with a community scholar

Published by Alison Moore
The Community Scholars Program, initiated and coordinated by SFU Library, provides access to academic publications to employees of charities and non-profits in the local communities of six BC universities. We were able to interview a Community Scholar, in order to gain a glimpse into the perspective of a participant, hear their thoughts on various aspects of the program and the value of accessible research outputs, from the perspective of the non-profit sector.

Data with principles: How to be FAIR, and why you should CARE

FAIR and CARE data logo
Published by Alison Moore
Why should research data be made accessible, and how does this concern private or protected data? How can you make your data accessible properly, and ethically? Thankfully, there are two essential guiding principles for responsible and inclusive data management to answer these concerns: the FAIR and CARE Data Principles.

Open book publishing: The landscape of scholarly monographs

Published by Alison Moore

Conversations around open access publishing often focus on open access journals and journal articles. But what about open access books?

While scholarly monograph publishing has been slower to adopt open access due to a number of factors, proponents of open access recognize the importance of expanding Open to include book publishing.

Publishing in-class book projects with the Library

Jordan and the Magic Cape book cover
Published by Ioana Liuta

Students, faculty, and staff at SFU can work with the Library to publish academic and educational content using open source software developed right here at SFU Library through our Digital Publishing division. Read on to learn about some recent book projects created by students in their classes and published with the Library.