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Leveraging Web Mapping Technologies to Communicate Your Research: Introducing our new Web GIS Workshop Series

Screenshot from Restoring Old Havana that shows a map with a painting of a boat superimposed on the left.
Published by Sarah (Tong) Zhang

The Open Scholarship and Knowledge Mobilization movements encourage us to think hard about how digital media and the open web have revolutionarily disrupted the traditional way of publishing.  The ways to disseminate and communicate research has never been more diverse and accessible, targeting a broad audience of specialists and non-specialists. Just think about the novel avenues in which researchers have dabbled to put their intellectual output: blogs, podcasts (or newly invented open peer-reviewed podcasts), and numerous web-based projects. 

Knowledge mobilization in the time of COVID-19

eight different people on phones with speech bubbles saying Try to stop the spread of false information
Published by Kate Shuttleworth

Many researchers have had to stop, pause, or pivot their research projects in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, physical distancing protocols and related shutdowns have disrupted many knowledge mobilization (KM) activities such as hosting workshops, dialogues, team meetings, or other events.

What is knowledge mobilization? Jump-start your summer learning now!

Published by Kate Shuttleworth

What is knowledge mobilization?

Knowledge mobilization is all about doing more with what we know — particularly, doing more with our research. This might be done by working closely with your community partners throughout the research process to ask questions and approach the research in a manner that is relevant and respectful to them. It might be done by using different modes and strategies of communication that are tailored and accessible to your community.