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My article's been accepted for publication; How do I comply with the open access policy?

Published by Ioana Liuta

Depending on the source of funding for your research, you may be expected to comply with more than one open access policy or mandate. In order to insure you're adhering to the policies, we recommend checking the publisher's options for open access. SFU librarians are here to help with everything from selecting a publisher to negotiating your rights to depositing your work in Summit, so don't hesitate to get a hold of us!

How can I publish an academic article as an undergraduate student?

Published by Ioana Liuta
If you're an undergraduate student involved in research, or you've written some original work, you may be wondering about your options for getting an article published in an academic journal.
We've written about graduate student publishing before on Radical Access when we showcased recipients of the GSS Open Access award and answered the question,"Can I publish my thesis?." While publishing a

Getting published: Tips for choosing an academic journal

Published by Ioana Liuta
As a graduate student, you may be interested in publishing an article in an academic journal. But how do you go about selecting a journal to submit to, and how can you tell if a journal is right for your work?
Ultimately the choice of where to submit your work comes down to your discipline and the topic of your paper, but as a general guide, there are three places we recommend looking for potential journals that might be suitable for your work:
  1. Your literature review.

Scholarly journal rejection rates

Published by Alison Moore

This blog post was contributed by David Gill, a former SFU Reference Librarian.

As early career researchers, you might have heard of your colleagues discuss rejection rates/acceptance rates for scholarly journals. 

How are rejection rates/acceptance rates calculated? 

Unfortunately, the journal industry does not have a set standard on calculating rejection rates/acceptance rates. Some things journals could consider: