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On altmetrics, going beyond citations to measure research impact

Published by Alison Moore
Altmetrics are an innovative approach to measure the impact of research that looks beyond traditional citation counts to measure a broader range of impacts, including online dissemination, social media attention, and public policy implications.

Backwards and forwards citation chaining

Published by Alison Moore

This blog post was contributed by David Gill, a former SFU Reference Librarian.

This blog post will be useful to those interested in advanced library research particularly people who are doing literature reviews.

Find it in the Open: Tips for searching for open access articles

Published by Ioana Liuta

Ever find the perfect article for your research, only to realize it's behind a subscription paywall? If you are doing research from outside of SFU or another institution, you may not have access to resources which require a subscription for access. Fortunately, the increase in open access publishing means that a great deal of scholarly information is available without journal subscriptions.