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COVID-19 response

SFU Library updates regarding COVID-19: https://www.lib.sfu.ca/about/covid-19
  Phone services are temporarily unavailable, but you can continue to contact Library staff by email. 

W.A.C. Bennett Library only study space FOR CURRENT SFU STUDENTS: https://www.lib.sfu.ca/facilities/rooms-spaces/study-space-bennett-library

SFU Campus FAQs regarding COVID-19: SFU Community FAQs & Student support and resources

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Note: See the FAQ for floor plans of all buildings at all SFU campuses

Contact information

WAC Bennett Library (Burnaby)

Loans and reference: 778.782.4345

Belzberg Library (Vancouver) 

Loans: 778.782.5050 

Reference: 778.782.5051

Fraser Library (Surrey)

Loans and reference: 778.782.7411

Other reference contact info

Ask a Librarian includes options for in-person, email, phone, and AskAway help.

Liaison Librarians by subject speciality

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Library Search is the default search box on the Library home page, and covers the Library's FAQs, research guides, reserves, workshop information, institutional repository, database lists, and other parts of the SFU Library website. 

You can also search the Library catalogue directly.

Databases & indexes
Note: Many pages do not work well in Internet Explorer -- have the user test in another browser.  For any e-resource access issue (ebooks, ejournals, databases, or the library site in general), please confirm that the issue is broader than at the patron's individual computer -- test on your machine or ask your colleagues via Campfire to test it.  

Subject guides

Citation guides

Note: The timeline for adoption of APA 7 is at the discretion of individual instructors. Updated guides will be created in early 2020.


Print journals
Bound journals are located on Floor 6 of WAC Bennett Library. Journals are shelved alphabetically by title -- there are no call numbers. Check the catalogue record for accurate location information.  


Remote or off campus access

Users accessing databases remotely from home will need to log in using their SFU Academic Computing Services ID with a password or their library barcode if they were not given a Computing Services ID. End users will be automatically prompted for these credentials when they choose to connect to a journal article database, ejournal, ebook, etc.

No special computer configuration is necessary to gain access to most library eresources from off campus.

Library workshops

Scheduled workshops and classes

To book a library workshop for a class, please contact the appropriate Liaison Librarian.


Interlibrary loans

Student Learning Commons (SLC)
The SLC provides writing and learning support services across the three SFU campuses, including support for students in Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Breadth courses, international students, English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, college transfer students, graduate students and many others. Peer mentors are available for appointments or drop in.

Note: Questions about citations should go to our reference staff if they are about specific citation issues ("How do I cite a website with no author?").  The SLC writing mentors work with broader citation issues: e.g., "What is patch-writing vs. paraphrasing?" & "How do I properly integrate my in-text citations into the text without disrupting the flow of the paragraph?".


Technical help

See Ask a Librarian services, which include technical help. 

Canvas help

Refer students to the Student Guide-Canvas, which includes contact info for the SFU IT help desks, along with  traditional distance courses and Continuing Studies students.

Refer instructors to the Instructor Guide-Canvas Support

Ebook help

Ebook FAQs  

See E-Resources Emergency Contact below for further assistance.

E-resources emergency contact

During regular hours start with Technical help (above), and contact our Loans Dept (778-782-4345) if there is no answer. They will contact our Systems staff as needed.

Note: For any e-resource access issue (ebooks, ejournals, databases, or the library site in general), please confirm that the issue is broader than at the patron's individual computer -- test on your machine or ask your colleagues via Campfire to test it. 

Also note that such problems are rarely fixed quickly, especially during evenings & weekends. Loans may be able to tell you if others have reported the problem and if there is an ETA on a fix, but in most cases, you should assume that the problem could take up to a day to resolve and help the patron find alternative resources if possible.

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