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Your privacy and personal information

Protection of privacy notice

The BC Electronic Library Network and its partner libraries make the AskAway virtual reference service available to you for your convenience. Your use of the AskAway service is voluntary. Although the service is anonymous to protect your privacy, please be advised that other information you provide to initiate an AskAway reference chat session and a transcript of that session is stored on servers located in the United States.

Personal information collection notice

The AskAway service receives and retains a copy of the chat transcript. It is related directly to and needed by B.C. libraries to administer their participation in the provincial AskAway service. The information will be used solely for service evaluation and analysis.  This information is collected under the authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s. 27(4)(a)) and the College and Institute Act (R.S.B.C 1996, c.52, s. 41(1)(4)). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact Sunni Nishimura, Virtual Reference Co-ordinator, 778.782.6937.