Library Instruction Lab (Room 2105) policy for non-Library use

Who can book it?

The Library Instruction Lab (room 2105) may be booked by staff in IT Services (ACS), TLC (LIDC), and Health and Counselling (HCCC) when it is not required for Library classes. Faculty members wishing to book the Lab as part of an academic course for Library instruction should do so through their Department's liaison librarian.

Note: Peak periods are the first month and a half of each semester and during this period, the lab is strictly reserved for Student Instructional Workshops (mainly Library classes for students). Booking for other purposes may not be accommodated during this period.

How is it booked?

  1. The lab may be booked by contacting Library Management at 778.782.4658 or email at least two weeks in advance of the class to book the room.
  2. In addition, the Library Computer Operations Desk must be contacted at 778.782.4706 to arrange for setup at least three weeks in advance.

What software is available?

The following software is part of the standard setup of 2105:

  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver (note: only 10 licenses are available)
  • SSH and SSH File Transfer

What if I need additional software?

Instructors who wish to have other software installed should contact Neal Baldwin, Manager of Library Operations at or 778.782.3267 one month in advance of the course/workshop date. Instructors will be required to provide the requisite number of licensed copies of the software for installation and will be required to be available for testing the software two weeks in advance of the class. The Library cannot guarantee the successful installation for any software in the 2105 Lab, but this lead time will increase the likelihood that the software is installed successfully.

Who can attend the classes?

All participants who use the 2105 Lab must have a valid ACS account and current SFU students/staff/faculty will already have these. For  participants who require a valid ACS account (e.g. to access the internet), the instructor must contact ACS ahead of time at 778.782.3234 to arrange for temporary ACS accounts.

Are there other restrictions?

The telephone in the 2105 Lab is a campus-only phone: you cannot call off-campus numbers nor can anyone from off-campus call into this telephone.

Instructors are encouraged to test any mobile phones they plan to use in the 2105 Lab prior to the day of their session.

Each machine is equipped with a CD writer but students must bring their own writable CDs.