What is a library barcode and how do I get one?

Most users of the SFU Library (SFU students, faculty, and staff) can use their SFU computing ID to log into the Library Catalogue, and access licenced Library resources from off-campus. 

If you have an SFU ID card but not an SFU computing ID, follow these instructions to use your barcode to access Library resources.

Finding your Library barcode on your SFU ID card 

Your SFU Library barcode is the number that begins with 29345... on your SFU ID card, which is also your library cardIt is not the same as your student number.

Your barcode is private information. Do not share your barcode with anyone or use it for any purpose not expressly permitted by the SFU Library.

Use your barcode to log in to your account and Library resources

Some borrowers, including non-credit students and external borrowers, don't have SFU computing IDs. If you don't have a SFU computing ID but do have a library barcode, you can use it to:

How to log in


Use for Library barcode number to log in to the Catalogue.


Your initial (default) password will be based on your last name:

If your last name is at least 8 characters long, your password will be your last name as it appears in your Library record (case sensitive).

 Note: your password is case-sensitive: MacKenzie is treated differently than mackenzie.

If your last name is shorter than 8 characters

For shorter names, the first time you log in your password will:

  • be your last name as it appears in your Library record (case sensitive)
  • also have the number 1 as a place holder up to 8 spaces.
Example: Last name is Qi          Example: Last name is McLeod        Example: Last name is Millhauser
Password: Qi111111             Password: McLeod11         Password: Millhauser

Choosing a new password

You have the option to reset your password by clicking on: 1) Need help signing in? and then 2) Click here to reset your password.

Your new password must be at least 8 characters long.

Contact us for more help or to request a barcode

Talk to staff in in Access Services (Loans and Circulation) for more help, including:

  • To get help with your barcode password
  • To request a Library barcode if you don't have a Library/student card


778.782.4345 - W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby

778.782.5050 - Belzberg Library, SFU Vancouver

778.782.7411 - Fraser Library, SFU Surrey