Laptop and other equipment lending: Policies and responsibilities

Equipment borrowing is available for current registered and enrolled students, faculty and staff at all three SFU Library locations.

Equipment borrowing limits

Current registered and enrolled students, faculty and staff are allowed to borrow one (1) item at a time for each type of equipment borrowed from the SFU Library.

For example, you can borrow one (1) laptop, one (1) projector, one (1) charger and one (1) mouse from the library at the same time, but you cannot borrow two (2) laptops or two (2) chargers at the same time.

Borrower responsibilities

The use of equipment is governed by Simon Fraser University Policy GP-24 on the Fair Use of Information Resources and SFU Library Loan Policy.

Borrowing and using Library equipment

Take special care with any equipment borrowed from the library. Borrowers must:

  • Ensure that all the equipment is complete and working before leaving the Library.
  • Use the equipment at their own risk. The Library takes no responsibility for damages or harm to the borrower, borrower’s work, materials and property due to faulty equipment.
  • Use the equipment carefully and to minimize wear and tear.
  • Notify the Library immediately if the equipment is not working properly.
  • NOT duplicate any software from any library equipment.

Returning equipment

Borrowers must:

  • Take note of when the equipment is due back, and return it on time.
  • Make sure that the equipment is whole and in good working order before returning it.
  • Turn the equipment off before returning.
  • Return all equipment to the same location where it was borrowed from, directly to Library staff (for example, do not leave equipment in a book drop or on a counter).
    • You are responsible for the equipment until it is checked in.

If equipment is late, lost, stolen, or damaged, borrowers must pay the Library fines or fees. Equipment loan periods, renewals, and requests

Equipment loan periods

Check the specific Library location for loan periods and renewals:

  • Belzberg (SFU Vancouver): 24 hour loan period or due 1 hour after we open if the library has been closed. No renewals.
  • Bennett (SFU Burnaby): 24 hour loan period or due 1 hour after we open if the library has been closed. No renewals.
  • Fraser (SFU Surrey): Loan periods vary based on the type of equipment.

Overdue fines and fees

Late fees for equipment are assessed per hour (or a portion thereof) and will be charged for all equipment not returned on time. 

Borrowers are responsible for late, lost, stolen, or damaged equipment and will be charged for replacing the equipment. For more information:


How do I find out if a type of equipment is available?

Library equipment is available to use only based on the lending policies of each location.

You can see if any equipment is available for lending by calling any of our library locations during any of our open hours.

Can I connect to WiFi?

Yes. You can connect to the SFU Wireless Network using your SFU computing ID and password.

Can I print from a Library laptop?

Yes. You can send print jobs to any library or campus printer via the wireless network.

How do I save my files?

Do not save files to the desktop.

See How can I save my work when I am using a computer in the Library page for different ways to save your files.

Can I borrow a laptop lock?

Yes. Laptop locks are available at the W.A.C. Bennett Library and have a loan period of 24 hours.

For more information, see Borrowed notebook computer frequently asked technical questions.