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Can I borrow a laptop?

Yes. Laptops are available to borrow at all three SFU Libraries.

Who can borrow laptops?

SFU faculty, staff, and students can borrow laptops.

Where can I get a laptop?

Laptops are available at the Loans counter in each SFU library. Please return them to the same counter, and remember to turn them off first.

How long can I borrow a laptop?

The loan period for laptops is 4 hours. There are no renewals, requests, holds, or bookings.

Late fees of $10.00 per hour (or a portion thereof) will be charged for all laptops not returned on time. Borrowers are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged laptops and will be charged for replacing the laptop ($1,650) as well as a replacement fee ($100).

How do I find out if a laptop is available?

Library laptops are available to use only on SFU campuses up to an hour before the library closes.

You can see if any laptops are available for checkout by phoning:

  • 778.782.4345 - W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby
  • 778.782.5050 - Belzberg Library, SFU Vancouver
  • 778.782.7411 - Fraser Library, SFU Surrey

Can I connect to wifi?

Yes. You can connect to the SFU Wireless Network using your SFU computing ID and password.

Can I print from a Library laptop?

Yes. You can send print jobs to any library or campus printer via the wireless network.

How do I save my files?

Do not save files to the desktop. See How can I save my work when I am using a computer in the Library? for different ways to save your files.

Can I borrow a laptop lock?

Yes. Laptop locks are available at the W.A.C. Bennett Library and have a loan period of 24 hours.