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Learning & studying strategies for distance education classes & courses

General resources

Time Management for Distance Education Podcast
Get audio and visual information on scheduling, procrastination, and other issues. Developed, in cooperation with the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE), specifically with the SFU Distance student in mind (17 minutes).

Distance Education: Strategies for Time Management
Discusses time management challenges and strategies for beginning of the semester and throughout the semester.

Distance Education: Learning and Writing Strategies
Discusses learning styles in distance education, reading, writing for discussion forums, and assignments and tests.

Writing Strategies for Online Learners
Discusses effective and appropriate writing for discussion fora and email communication.

Resources on "Netiquette"
Adds to the above handout with tips and links regarding netiquette.

Being an Effective Online Learner (Wilfred Laurier University) - Detailed modules including videos on topics specific to online learning:  Effective Independent Learning; Time Management; Engaging Effectively with the Learning Materials; Studying, Taking Tests, and Learning from Mistakes.

How to Succeed in an Online Course (Carleton University) - A collection of articles, videos and tutorials on relevant academic tasks.

Discussion fora

Communicating Online: Netiquette (UBC)
Tips for respectful and productive online communication.

Online group work

Supporting Collaboration (UBC)
Discusses online tools for writing and creating images collaboratively, as well as for sharing resources.