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The Fall Semester - midterm housekeeping reminders

Head stuck in your books? Nose to the grindstone? The SLC is here to help!
Published by Julia Lane

We are just a little over halfway through the Fall 2018 semester. 

At this point, you may be seeing a clear path to the end of the term... or you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Perhaps your confidence has taken a hit after midterms?

Perhaps you are buckling down to write your longest term paper yet? 

The following resources are here to help you see your way through to the end of the semester: 

  1. Check out the post "Five ways to get the most out of office hours." If you were surprised, or dismayed, by your midterm results, now is an especially good time to check in with your professor and/or TA and to review key course concepts prior to term papers and final exams. 

  2. Want to improve your English? Check out the SLC's Conversation Partners Program and weekly Let's Talk sessions, which are running until the end of November. 

  3. Did your midterm exams put you through the wringer? Perhaps you have realized that you could stand to learn some new study strategies? Check out the SLC Learning and Studying resources page or attend the upcoming workshops on Successful Exam Writing and Crunch Time: Survival 101

  4. Have trouble writing essays? Feel intimidated by the requirements for your term papers? Book a time to meet one-on-one with a Learning and Writing Peer or a Graduate Facilitator. They can help you get started on your paper early!! You can also check out the upcoming workshop on Revising Strategies

  5. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, check out SFU’s Health Services. Managing student life is challenging! You do not need to do it alone. 

  6. Think you will be ready to graduate soon? Congrats! Make sure you check in with your departmental advisor and apply to graduate at goSFU.

  7. Feeling proud of a paper that you wrote during the 2018 academic year (including this Fall 2018 term)? Want to show it off and possibly walk away with a cash prize and publication in an Open Journal? Check out the second annual SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest

black binoculars sitting on a brown case

- Daniel Chang, PhD Candidate and Graduate Writing Facilitator with the SLC

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