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Asian Heritage Month 2022: Reading Recommendations

Japanese temple in the woods
Published by Julia Lane
SLC's resident bibliophiles, former W&L Peer Jaden T., and Writing Services Coordinator, Hermine C. bring you reading recommendations by Asian authors for your summer reading list!

The Lyre Call for Submissions

Submit to Lyre magazine
Published by Julia Lane
Lyre Magazine is now accepting submissions. The Lyre 13 Team tells us more about this opportunity for writers and artists.

Dealing with criticism for our writing

Girl in a kayak
Published by Julia Lane
Have you ever received feedback on your writing and it didn't turn out well? How do you deal with criticism and save your sanity?

Thesis Statement 101

writing on paper
Published by Julia Lane

SLC Graduate Facilitator, Daniel C. shares his thesis statement tips with us in a video! 

Getting feedback for your writing

image of glasses on top of notepad
Published by Julia Lane

Asking for feedback for your writing sounds great. But how do you do it? How do you know what helps and what doesn't? 

Grammar Camp: Ending a sentence in a preposition

Published by Julia Lane

Ending a sentence in a preposition is something up with which I will not put! Let’s talk about that infamous Latin grammar rule and scenarios where you won’t be able to not end a sentence in a preposition (yikes, a double-negative too)!  

Different ways of approaching the academic essay

Published by Julia Lane

Many students don’t find the academic English essay structure natural — it can seem repetitive, direct, and rigid. It’s important to recognize that the English essay structure is just one mode of thinking!