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What is Let's Talk?

Improve your English conversation skills in a casual group setting. Develop fluency, expand your vocabulary, and share cultural perspectives. This workshop is open to all SFU students, both undergraduate and graduate. Interested faculty, including visiting professors, are also most welcome. Register online or drop in.

When is Let's Talk?

Starting Fall, 2020

Feedback from Let's Talk participants

What I really like about Let’s Talk is how we can discuss casually and talk about any topic. Everyone can express their own opinion and because we are lucky to be a very diverse group, we can learn more about different cultures.
The mediators are always making sure than everyone can talk equally, and they always find a new topic to discuss. I think this is very interesting to learn English this way and I would recommend it to anyone!
Laura Dorez, Beedie, (Let's Talk 2016)

Culture is great. It becomes greater when you and I get to talk, share and appreciate it altogether.
Edward Tae, Interactive Arts and Technology (Let’s Talk 2016)

Let’s talk workshops take me to another different world of practice and learn that is far beyond my regular classes. These workshop don’t only help me practice and converse in English with others outside of my classroom but are also gateways to other cultures, experiences, and skills.
- Ali, Engineering Science (Let’s Talk 2016)

Before I took the Conversation partner program, I was having communication difficulties with my peers/tutorial mates when participating in debates as well as casual conversations. The main reason of the difficulty was that, because I’m non-native, I have less time speaking in English, and when I talk with Canadian peers, I get too much nervous and take too much time thinking what I want to say. This program helped me overcome the nervousness when talking, and also increased overall English proficiency.
Participant (Let’s Talk 2016)