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Conversation Partners

Join the SLC Conversation Partners 2019 cohort
Published by Julia Lane

The Conversation Partners program is a popular and effective part of the Student Learning Commons. It focuses on supporting students to work on their conversational English in a relaxed, friendly, and professional environment. Through the program, multilingual students are paired with an SLC student volunteer. They meet together weekly, on campus, for conversations in English. 

The program provides opportunities for multilingual students to make a social connection on campus, as well as to test out their English skills and ask questions about things that they are still learning about this complex language. 

Students tell us that they participate in the program to: 

  • Improve their English & their speaking skills 
  • Make friends & make connections on campus
  • Get involved in and learn Canadian culture 
  • Have a weekly opportunity to practice language skills 

Here is some of the feedback that participants in the Spring 2019 Conversations Partner program provided to the question "Did the conversation partner’s program help you?"

"yes, I am more exposed to English."

"Help me a lot! [...] [my Conversation Partner] help me by reading everything that I feel confused before our meeting every single week."

"Yes. It brings me more confidence to speak up."

"Yes. The weekly meetings helps me to make a new friend and provide an opportunity for both English inputs and outputs."

"Yes. We met once a week. He can help me some grammar mistakes."

"Yes, absolutely. I found a great conversation partner who is like a awesome friend for me and she is so professional and has an interesting personality. I had great time talking with her and learned a lot about not only English speaking but also culture and life in Canada. I really appreciate her help." 

Only a few spots remain in the Fall 2019 Conversation Partners cohort, so register now to secure your spot!

If you have questions about the Conversation Partners program, please contact us at 


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Conversation by ProSymbols from the Noun Project