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CJSF interview -- Inclusive Writing resources highlight

Listen to the SLC on CJSF!
Published by Julia Lane

CJSF marked Pride week in Vancouver by offering "pride programming" -- radio content focused on the history of pride, as well as other content to highlight queer voices and content. 

SLC Writing Services Associate, Julia Lane, was excited to have this opportunity to talk about a project that is in development here at the SLC: the creation of a suite of Inclusive Writing resources. One of the guides that is under development is focused on writing about Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. 

The resources also include: 

  • An Inclusive Writing Overview 
  • A non-exhaustive glossary of terms 
  • A guide for writing about Black, Indigenous, People(s) of Colour (BIPOC) 
  • A guide for writing about Ableism, Disability, Mental Health, and Neurodiversity 

To learn more, listen to the radio interview here. Thank you to Ciara for sharing this link and for their fantastic, challenging, and insightful interview questions!

If you would like to provide feedback on the interview or on the resources themselves, please get in touch with Julia at: 

We are still in the consultation phase for these resources, but hope to launch them soon!



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Microphone by priyanka from the Noun Project