Economics information resources: Additional resources

Associations and organizations

The following is a short list of a few of the many associations and organizations associated with the study of economics. To search for other organizations, try the sources listed at Trade Associations.

Government information

Governments at all levels can be great sources of useful data and analysis. There are many government publications in the SFU Library. Try searching for them by AUTHOR with either the jurisdiction followed by the name of the ministry or department (for example, British Columbia Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture) or the name of the department by itself (for example, Statistics Canada). Also, don't forget that many government publications can be found using the Canadian Research Index.


British Columbia Government
Links to the ministries and their publications and more. You might want to start with the Ministry of Finance, or with their Organizational Structure page.

Finance Canada
Information about Departmental services and publications, as well as links to other governmental and commercial sites. 

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada
Information about Canadian industries, trade, and more. Start with their Topics page.

Treasury Board Secretariat
Documents, including federal government estimates, reports, and policies.

United States

US Census Bureau
Get current industrial and demographic reports, economic census data, foreign trade analysis, and much more.

US Department of Commerce
A good starting place for information about US government business policies and programs as well as links to related agencies.

US Bureau of Economic Analysis
A good starting place for information about US economic accounts. Contains current and historical data often in downloadable formats

US Department of Labor — Bureau of Labor Statistics
If you're looking for inflation, consumer spending or employment related information, try here first. BLS also contains useful information on import/export price indexes.


A detailed list of government sites around the world can be found at Governments on the WWW

Asian Development Bank

International Labour Organization

International Monetary Fund


Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

United Nations

United Nations Economic and Social Council

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

World Bank

World Trade Organization

Directories of websites

Resources for Economists on the Internet
A World Wide Web Virtual Library: Economics site.

International Economics Network
A directory of Internet resources for international economics, development, finance, and more. Developed and maintained by Jamus Jerome Lim, a doctoral student at UC Santa Cruz.

Special topics

BUEC BUZZ: Information Resources for Business and Economics

The BUEC BUZZ highlights resources (Internet, electronic, or print) of interest to students and faculty in business and economics at SFU.

Demographics and population studies

Demography & Population Studies
A World Wide Web Virtual Library site which keeps track of leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of demography.


Detailed link site from the Econometrics Journal.

Econometric Resources on the Internet
Provides links to data files, econometric software, and other useful resources.

Handbook of Econometrics
Volume One covers mathematical and statistical methods in econometrics, econometric models, and estimation and computation. Volume Two includes sections on testing, time series topics, and special topics in econometrics. Special topics continue in Volume Three, along with a discussion of selected applications and uses of econometrics. Finally, the fourth volume covers econometric theory and theory and methods of dependent processors.

Economic history & the history of economic thought

Economic History Services
Besides various files of data, list archives, syllabi, etc., this site features home pages for organizations in the field. 

History of Economics: General Resources
Links to resources on specific individuals, specific themes, archival resources, publications and other information from the EH.Net History of Economics site (provides online access to resources for teaching, scholarship and research in the history of economics and the history of economic thought).

McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought
The History of Thought Archive represents an attempt to gather all material for the study of the history of economics at one site. This includes both primary texts, studies of those texts and of their authors.

Game theory

Economic and Game Theory
Created by UCLA Economics professor, David Levine, this site contains many useful resources for game theory, including a collection of working papers and bibliographies.

Vanderbilt professor Mike Shor has created a site rich in resource material for both educators and students of game theory and its applications to economics, business, political science, computer science, and other disciplines. Included are lecture notes, references to books and links to tests and quizzes.

Industrial organization

See the related guides:

International trade and development

Foreign Affairs and International Trade
A collection of information from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade including trade agreements, information for exporters and links to other resources.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
A public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research. This site has research reports and links to internet resources on development.

International Institute for Management Development
An independent not-for-profit foundation located in Lausanne, Switzerland whose research aims to help executives and companies to find new and innovative ways to sustain global competitiveness. Site contains information on current research, publications, and the online version of the World Competitiveness Yearbook.

SFU Library Guide: International Marketing Research
A large collection of links and search tips.  Although it is aimed at marketing students, many of the links cover international economic indicators and trade information.

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
Links to information on area studies, countries, development, international economics, international trade, journals and newspapers and more.


Offered by the International Labor Organization, LABORSTA allows you to view and extract data such as yearly data which go towards publishing the ILO Yearbook of Labour Statistics, economically active population estimates and active employment by sex.

Access statistical databases, including employment figures, through the Statistics tab at the top of the page and browse for data using the menu on the left side of the screen.

UNIDO: Industrial Statistics Database
Available only within the library through public computers, this database provides access to industrial statistics at the 3-digit level of Revision 2 of the International Standard Industrial classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC).

WWW Virtual Library - Labour History
Maintained by the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this site is aimed more broadly at Labour Historians, but many of the resources are of use to economists as well.

Natural Resources

EnviroLink:The Online Environmental Community
One of the world's largest environmental clearing houses, EnviroLink includes provides links to thousands of environmental resources including government agencies, organizations and publications.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
Established in 1990 with continuing financial support from Environment Canada, CIDA and the Province of Manitoba. The site contains policy analysis, research reports, information for businesses, and measurement indicators for sustainable development.

Resource and Environmental Management Information Resources

SFU Library guide to REM resources

Statistical Resources on the Web: Environment
Links to environmental statistics from around the world compiled by the University of Michigan document centre.

Sustainable Development