Teaching resources for business & economics


  This guide is focused on business & economics. For more general "teaching in university" resources, explore the guide I created for a class that was researching Post-Secondary Education Post Covid-19.


American Economic Association (AEA): Resources for Educators
Lesson plans, teaching tools, recommended blogs and more from the American Economic Association.

American Academy of Management Education: Proceedings
From the publishers of the Journal of the Academy of Business Education. Many of the papers presented at the annual AAME Conference are freely available online, but not easily searchable. Add your own terms to refine this pre-run Google search. For example, see these searches for presentations that touch on cheating, economics, or sustainability.

Online Teaching Database Portal
From the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA): “...access to a library of innovative, helpful and inspiring set of resources, including teaching notes, instructional materials, active learning exercises, classroom games, case studies, and other helpful resources…”

Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning (ABSEL)
Provide free access to their conference proceedings, which often includes examples of experiential exercises. ABSEL is also responsible for the journal: Simulation & Gaming (S&G): An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research.

AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

Journals & magazines

Recent articles

A sample of the newest "teaching" articles in business and economics. 

Business: Recent articles in major business teaching journals via Business Source Complete. 

Economics: Recent articles in major economics teaching journals via EconLit.

Searching for articles

The Business Source Complete and EconLit databases cover many articles on teaching methods and issues. Start with the rough & broad searches below, then add or delete terms to refine your results. Many of the articles in your results will likely be in the teaching-specific journals listed below, but you'll also find useful articles in general business and economics journals.

Specific journals


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    Business - general

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    Business – discipline specific

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    Selected recent ebooks

    Searching for books

    • Start with this broad search in the Library Catalogue for books and ebooks on study & teaching in business and economics, then add or delete terms to refine the results.
    • Also try this more focused search for online titles in English from the last ten years.
    • A special note about the ebook: Teaching College Economics. This detailed literature review covers a collection of classic and contemporary research articles from the last half century, including some recent articles on implementing new technologies as part of your teaching. The list of reviewed articles is linked to our collection here at SFU, which means that through one book you can learn about, and access, 73 core articles on the topic. 
    • And if you're hoping to help your students develop their critical thinking skills, check out this post listing many ebooks on the topic: On critical thinking: learning & teaching a core skill.

    We also have many ebooks that go beyond advice on teaching specific topics and look at the broader picture of curriculum goals and design. See below for a few samples. Contact me if you'd like additional suggestions.

    News, case studies, and data sources for teaching

    Move from abstract to concrete in your classes to increase engagement — integrate current news articles, case studies, and data trend visualizations into your classes to help your students see theories in action.

    News sources

    The list of news publications below is just a small sample of what's available for SFU researchers. For additional news sources, search in Factiva (35,000 news publications from 200+ countries) and Canadian Newsstream (Canadian newspapers) or ask for help

    Also see this ebook for a good review of the nature and impact of economic news: Economic news : antecedents and effects.

    Case studies

     Instructors: about 80% of the case studies in SAGE Business Cases include Teaching Notes. Contact Mark Bodnar at mbodnar@sfu.ca to get a code allowing access to such support documents.

    Data sources

    • Sage Data: Millions of time series from hundreds of sources around the world — all in a single interface with powerful searching/charting functions. Create custom charts to show relationships and trends, then share them with your classes for analysis and discussion. See this blog post for more on Sage Data (formerly known as Data Planet).
    • Data analysis & visualization: The SFU Library Research Commons provides support for qualitative data analysis (Nvivo), data visualization (Tableau and R), and GIS/geospatial data (ArcGIS).
    • See also our lists of Business and Economics resources for facts & data.
    • Also see my Feb. 2022 blog post about some "go to" sources for international economics & business data.

    Additional SFU teaching support sites

    Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre (ICRC)
    Through both online resources and its new physical home in our Burnaby (WAC Bennett) Library, the ICRC will help you learn about Indigenous approaches to teaching and learning. Start with the ICRC's guides to resources on topics such as Indigenizing curriculum (especially its Business and Arts & Social Sciences sections) and Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy. A few examples of resources recommended by your colleagues in Economics & Business include: 

    Economics Writing Workshops + Beedie Writing Mentors
    Both Economics and Business offer amazing writing support for students. Refer your students to an "in house" solution and help them build the skills they need to do well in your classes.

    Student Learning Commons
    We all want your students to have the solid foundation of writing, studying, learning, and language skills needed for success in your classroom. Start with the SLC's Information for Instructors page to learn how you can work with the SLC to support your students.

    Research Commons
    SFU Library's Research Commons can help your graduate students build capacity and expertise in areas such as data management and knowledge mobilization. As with the SFU Student Learning Commons, the RC offers writing support services and runs workshops on a wide range of topics, including citation management, visual analytics, and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

    Reserves services for Faculty
    Streamline your students' access to course readings via this self-serve portal for adding resources to Course Reserves.

    Creating inclusive classroom, curriculum and pedagogy
    A collection of resources here at SFU and beyond about inclusive university teaching. This source is a subset of a larger guide to intercultural communication & EDI training. See, also, the same guide's list of selected resources on equity, diversity, and inclusion in other universities.

    Open Educational Resources (OERs)
    SFU Library guide to Understanding OERs, Finding & Evaluating them, and keeping on top of OER-related news and developments as the movement toward open education gains momentum.

    Copyright for instructors at SFU
    Navigating the copyright implications of course handouts, presentations, and readings can be tricky and frustrating. Be sure to explore the many FAQs and other resources.

    SFU Centre for Educational Excellence
    Workshops, resources, and expertise to help you teach remotely, integrate technology into your teaching, support multilingual learners, and much (much!) more.

    SFU Healthy Campus Community: Resources for Instructors
    As instructors, you have your students' undivided attention for hours each week... use that connection to help create a healthy campus! This SFU page lists activities and teaching tricks shared by other SFU instructors.

    Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD)
    "Inspiring, supporting, and enhancing teaching and learning inquiry at SFU." Check out their workshops and other resources.

    Not finding what you were looking for? Let me know what types of teaching resources you were hoping to find! [ mbodnar@sfu.ca]

    — Mark Bodnar