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Facts & data: Business information resources

Company and industry financial information

The following list contains our top resources for financial information -- good places to start your research.

  • Bloomberg: Real-time and historical information on bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and funds in international markets. Available at a standalone computer next to the scanners on the main floor of our Burnaby (WAC Bennett) Library.
  • MINT Global / ORBIS: Information on over 64,000 publicly-traded companies and 247 million private companies from around the world. Available via basic (MINT Global), advanced (ORBIS), and data retrieval (WRDS) interfaces.
  • WRDS -Wharton Data Research Services: Platform for a variety of datasets in the fields of finance, accounting, banking and economics.

If the sources above don't cover what you need, try these additional financial data sources.

Statistics sources for business research

There are far too many statistics sources to list in one simple guide, so we've listed a few of our favourite sources, as well as some other SFU Library guides that you could check for further resources.

Searching for the right statistic can be very difficult -- you can quickly become overwhelmed by information, most of which isn't exactly what you need. As always, if you don't find what you need, contact the Business Librarian or use our Ask A Librarian email/chat/phone services.

General and international


    The place to start for current BC socio-economic statistics, including quick facts and historical tables. Note that SFU researchers have access to several key BC Stats publications online. that are normally fee-based at the BC Stats site. Check out our guide to Statistics BC.

  • Statistics Canada
    Provides current and historical Canadian socio-economic statistics as well as descriptions of Statistics Canada's products and services.  Always check the SFU Library Catalogue to see if we own the material that you find cited at the Statistics Canada site. 

United States

  • FedStats
    FedStats provides access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the [US] Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic.
    Simple portal to statistics from many US federal departments and agencies.
  • US Bureau of the Census
    Locate detailed US socio-economic statistics based on the US Census and other surveys.