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Intercultural Communication and Diversity - Training Materials

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NOTE: This older guide is in the process of being updated.

Definitions and terminology


You may wish to search for these terms and their variations: collectivism, cross-cultural, cultural competence, cultural literacy, cultural sensitivity, diversity, ethnocentrism, ethno-relativism, individualism, intercultural, intercultural competence, multicultural, etc.


You may wish to search for these terms and their variations: ability, class, disability, diversity, ethnicity, gay, gender, homosexual, lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQ, queer, race, transgender, etc.

Journal articles

Databases below can be searched to find journal articles on intercultural communication and diversity issues. You may want to start with two databases: Education Source & PsycInfo

Training resources


    Selected authors

    These authors have written multiple books which have influenced intercultural communication and training.

    Selected training books

    Selected books related to specific workplace, country or culture





    • Diversity Videos at SFU Library
      • Tip: Search by keyword
        (cultur* or cross-cultur* or intercultur*) and (communic* or train* )
    • Diversity, Inclusion and Internationalization - some videos in this list
    • Culture and Diversity: a listing of materials available at the Justice Institute of BC - look for the videos listed in the document (Bibliography)
    • Jane Elliott - videos
    • Invisible barriers  (24 min.) HD 4903 I58 1999.
      " The scenarios presented are: a wheelchair candidate for an office job; an international marketing class divided by race; an advertisement project not addressing alternate lifestyles; an overbearing and verbally abusive department head; a facially disfigured person; an Asian job applicant; a new worker having difficulty asking for help. " (quoted from cataloguing record)
    • Peace Corps - Video Collection on the web
      • Cultural Gaffes Beyond Your Borders
        "This entertaining eight-minute video shows you how easy it is to commit a blunder, a gaffe, a slip-up in another culture. Things as simple and normal to you as sitting on the edge of a desk may be insulting in another country. See 14 examples of cultural gaffes acted out, then get some advice on how to try to avoid making such mistakes when you travel to another culture." [description from their website. mb]
    • Teaching in the diverse classroom [videorecording] / producer, Brooke Quigley ; executive producer, Jody Nyquist. Seattle : University of Washington, Instructional Media Services, c1991 ; Vancouver, B.C. : Distributed by B.C. Learning Connection, 1999. (37 min.)  LC 1099.3 T45 1991

      " University faculty and students tell why recognizing diversity is important on the college campus and demonstrate how instructors can teach effectively in an increasingly diverse academic setting. Describes four strategies: include all students; recognize different ways individuals learn; promote respect in the classroom; and acknowledge diversity through curriculum choices." (quoted from cataloguing record)
    • Recruitment interviewing across cultures [videorecording] / BBC. London : British Broadcasting Corporation, 1991 ; Toronto : International Tele-Film ; Vancouver : B.C. Learning Connection [distributor], 2000. (24 min) HM 258 C76 No.2 1991      



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