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Six Word Stories -- new semester edition

SFU students share their six word stories about procrastination-related mistakes and words of wisdom
Published by Julia Lane

Welcome to the spring 2019 semester. Here are some six word stories from your fellow students - to share common mistakes and words of wisdom. May they inspire you as you plan for your summer semester, and also encourage you to celebrate your own excellent mistakes: 

six word stories sharing procrastination-related experiences (full text available under collapse)

Text from Six Word Stories -- Procrastination

Mistake of procrastination leading to stress 

Procrastination doesn't always work out well 

Wrote this instead of my midterm (probably got the same mark as if I showed up) :( 

Procrastinating stats (got a D) 

Procrastinating 24/7 (still doing it...) 

Didn't seek help until too late! 

six word stories - advice (full text available under collapse)

Text from Six Word Stories - Advice for Success

Write down essay deadlines: Preserve sanity 

I learned never to give up

Self-reflection + awareness is key. Own up to it! 

Recognize distractions to help yourself focus 

Only three classes in first semester 

Hard work always pays off :) 

If you are interested in getting involved with the six word story initiative, please feel free to contact Julia Lane ( for more details. 

We will post more six word stories in future blog entries.