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The Lyre Call for Submissions

Submit to Lyre magazine
Submit to Lyre Magazine
Published by Julia Lane

This blog post was written by former employee and SLC Writing Services Coordinator Hermine Chan.

The Lyre Magazine is a student-run literary journal supported by SFU’s Department of World Languages and Literatures. They are currently accepting submissions from all undergraduates for their 13th Issue “Found in Translation”! The journal publishes a wide range of mediums, including visual art, short prose, poetry, translations, photography, and other forms of art and expression.

“Lost in translation” is a common phrase lamenting the difficulties of translation and cross-cultural communication. In fact, there is a series right here on the In Common blog that shares some interesting results of trying to explain common sayings in English. Is there room amidst these complications for new things to be created? This year’s theme of The Lyre encourages submissions to explore what translation loses and gains, or how translation hides and discovers.

Translation is also not limited to language. Traversing the realms of art and literature, translation allows us to cross borders and explore the ideas of land, generations, and the self. Meaning involves constant communication across times, across spaces, across minds.

How will you translate your inner world?

Submission Deadline: Friday May 20th, 2022

To find out more information, view previous issues, or make a submission, please visit The Lyre’s website. Or follow them on Instagram @thelyremag.

Submit to Lyre Magazine

~ The Lyre 13 Team

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