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Congrats to the winners of the 2018 SLC Writing Contest!

Congrats to the 2018 SLC Writing Contest winners!
Published by Julia Lane

The results of the 2018 SLC Writing contest are in! 

The contest judges commented repeatedly on the challenge they experienced picking winners in this year's contest. The submissions we received were just that good. 

We really want to take this moment to say a huge thank you and congrats to everyone who entered a paper into the contest this year. I have spent a fair amount of time wishing that all the entries could win, but as an SLC Writing and Learning Peer recently reminded me, then it wouldn't be much of a contest...

It can be a scary thing to put your writing out there, especially to put it out there to be judged! So, if you entered the contest, please take this moment to give yourself some gratitude! You are amazing. 

And now, without further ado from me, here are the winners of the 2018 SLC Writing Contest: 

Lower Division Category 

1st place: Aliya Kazmi, "Gushing Waves of Power: An Exploration into How the Fluidity of Performance Breaks Gender Constraints" (originally written for Dr. Diana Solomon’s English 205 course, Restoration and 18th Century Literature)

2nd place: Yi Chen (Jennifer) Chou, "Supernatural Entities and Natural Propensities" (originally written for Dr. Antone Minard’s English 111W course, Literary Classics in English) 

3rd place: Aishah Rose Harden, "'We’re mean Marines, sir.': Involuntary resocialization as illustrated by Full Metal Jacket" (originally written for Dr. Lindsey Freeman’s Sociology 150 course, Introduction to Sociology)

Honourable Mentions

Madeleine Chan, "Supergirl and Ideology: Truth, Neoliberal Feminism, and the Heartland Way" (originally written for Dr. Jody Baker’s Communications 220 course, Understanding Television) 

Mitchell Patrick Robinson, "Against Elected Judges in Canada" (originally written for Dr. Clare McGovern’s Political Science 151 course, The Administration of Justice) 

Upper Division Category 

1st place: Dan Prisk, "The Place of Helicopters: Exploring the Ways of Valuing Nature in Mountain Biking" (originally written for Dr. Nicholas Scott's Sociology 371 course The Environment and Society) 

2nd place: Sejin Lee, "Prosocial Behaviour and Diffusion of Responsibility: Helping Friends and Family over Strangers" (originally written for Dr. V Gordon Rose's Psychology 300 course Critical Analysis of Issues in Psychology)

3rd place: Anastasia Kosteckyj, "Dispossession, Erasure, and Replacement: Appropriated Totem Poles in the Urban and Indigenous Histories of Vancouver and Seattle" (originally written for Dr. Madeline Knickbocker's First Nations Studies/History 326 course History of Aboriginal Peoples of North America since 1850)

Honourable Mentions

Helen Wan Wei Luo, "NATO, Civilians, and the Responsibility to Protect: An analysis of NATO’s severity of response as a measure of civilian suffering" (originally written for Dr. Alexander Moens’ Political Science 484 course, the NATO Field School) 

Angela Preissl, "Inuit Peoples and the Arctic Landscape" (originally written for Dr. Ross Jamieson's Archaeology 363 course, Landscape Archaeology)

Rosa Balleny, "Fueled by science, not bias: Supporting the decrease in deferral period for MSM donating blood and other high-risk groups" (originally written for Dr. Jeremy Snyder’s Health Science 319W course, Applied Health Ethics)

Cassandra Mah, "Moral responsibility and Alcohol-Related End Stage Liver Disease: Punishing Delilah Saunders" (originally written for Dr. Diego Silva’s Health Science 319W course, Applied Health Ethics) 

Full papers available soon

Full papers will soon be available on the SLC Writing Contest Open Journal

Thank you to our contest judges

Congrats to all the winners and a huge thank you to all our contest judges: 

Lower Division Category judges 

Dr. Sheri Fabian -- Criminology 

Dr. Clare McGovern -- Political Science

Dr. Mark Lechner -- Faculty of Health Sciences

Upper Division Category judges 

Dr. Mark Fettes -- Faculty of Education

Dr. Deanna Reder -- English/First Nations Studies Departments 

Anne-Kristina Arnold -- Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology 


Happy continued writing to all!

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