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How and where do I print in the library?

Where are the printers?

W.A.C. Bennett Library at SFU Burnaby

Printers use the new printing account system Papercut. 

You will find printers on the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th floors, and in the Research Commons.

Send your print job and choose colour or black and white by selecting the correct printing queue [new-lab-mono (default printer) or new-lab-colour].

The Library Colour printers are located on the 3rd floor of Bennett Library.

Belzberg Library at SFU Vancouver

There are 2 print/copy/scan machines  in the Library, and both can print colour and black & white.

Choose colour or black and white by selecting the correct printing queue (NewVanMono or NewVanColour).

Other printers on campus:

  • Room 1300 (IT Services lab): colour and black & white
  • Room 2960 (Publishing lab): black & white only   

Fraser Library at SFU Surrey

There are 2 print/copy/scan machines in the Media/Reserves area, 3620, and both can print colour and black & white.

Choose colour or black and white by selecting the correct printing queue (NewSurreyMono or NewSurreyColour).

Other printers on campus:

  • Room 2300 (Firefighter’s Lab): black & white -- near the Security desk in the mezzanine.
  • Room 3064: colour and black & white
  • Room 3355: colour and black & white

      How do I print?

      At the computer:

      1. Check your Papercut account: Before printing your document(s), check to see if you have enough printing credit for the pages you want to print:
        1. To add money to your Papercut account (see How to pay for printing and copying)
      2. Choose the right printer: Print document and select printing queue: Mono (for B&W) or Colour.

      At the printer:

      1. Retrieve your print job:
        1. At the printer log in to Papercut using SFU Computing ID and password
        2. Select jobs to print (PRINT ALL to release all print jobs or PRINT RELEASE to release individual print jobs)
      2. Log out of printer.

      General questions

      Can I use the same printing account at all SFU libraries?

      Yes. You can also use the same printing account in all SFU libraries and IT Services labs.

      How long will my print job stay in the printer?

      After you send something to the printer from a library workstation, your print job stays in the printer queue for one hour.

      If you do not complete or print off your print job within this one hour limit, you will have to re-send your document to the printer.

      How much does printing cost, how do I pay, and how do I get a refund?

      For payment options, and how to get a refund, see How to pay for printing and copying.

      For prices, see How much does it cost to print or make copies at the SFU Library

      How can I print in colour, or different document sizes? 

      See Can I print or copy special document sizes and types at the Library?


      I'm having trouble printing the results of my searches.

      Once you've selected the citations or articles you wish to print, use the database's Print command.

      At the Bennett Library (Burnaby): Use your Login ID to retrieve from the printers on the 3rd floor or any printer on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor. (The Library's Colour Printer is located on the 3rd floor of Bennett Library.)

      If you are still having problems, please ask for help at the 3rd floor Service Desk.

      Sometimes when I try to print something too many pages get charged to my printing card, some pages are printed blank, some are just not printed at all.

      Sometimes there are errors when trying to print a PDF or PPT (PowerPoint) file from WITHIN the web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox). This is a common problem when you are printing out material such as lecture notes and slides from within Canvas or printing full-text articles within research databases such as PsycInfo or ERIC (EBSCO interfaces).

      IT Services suggest the following solution:

      • Go "Back" to the original page with the LINK to the file that you want to open and print.
      • Right-click on the link, and then choose "Save Target As..."
      • A new window will open giving the choice of where to save the file. (Technicians recommend choosing the "Desktop" as the article will be easier to find).
      • Once the file is saved on the desktop, double-click on the file, and it SHOULD open in its NATIVE program (PDF will open in Adobe Reader, PPT will open in PowerPoint).
      • Choose the print option within this program, and the print job should come out without errors.

      Sometimes in article indexes and databases, the link still forces you to open the file within a browser. Try choosing to save the article using the Adobe Reader menu buttons, and continue the above process.

      Contact an IT staff at the 3rd floor Service Desk if you need more help with printing.

      When I try to print PDF document, the printer outputs blank pages.

      When looking at the .pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the print option or the printer icon.

      From within the printing options box, try changing the "Page Scaling" box so that it reads "None".

      Ensure that the "Auto-Rotate and Center" option is NOT checked.

      Try printing again.

      What happened to the old printer cards?
      They have been replaced by the new Papercut printing accounts. You can no longer use printer cards.
      How can I access the Excel add-in for S&P Capital IQ?

      S&P Capital IQ is available for current SFU students, faculty, and staff. If you haven't done so already, first register with a valid SFU email address for an S&P account. 

         This FAQ applies only to the Excel add-in for S&P Capital IQ. The main web interface for S&P Capital IQ is available both on campus and remotely for all current SFU researchers.

      The S&P Capital IQ database offers an Excel add-in feature that provides an alternative method to retrieve most Capital IQ data. The add-in allows you to create formulas within Excel, including ones that incorporate searches and lists you've saved in the main web interface, or you can use the pre-built template spreadsheets covering a wide range of business topics.

      Screen capture from S&P Capital IQ showing the location of the My Capital IQ and Downloads links.Downloading the Excel add-in

       The Excel add-in feature is only available for computers using the Windows operating system.

      You can download the add-in from within your S&P Capital IQ account. Go to My Capital IQ (top left corner of the screen) and select Downloads. Then select the option to "Download Office Plug-in" and follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

      Accessing the Excel add-in

      On campus 

      All current SFU researchers: The Excel add-in feature is available for all current SFU researchers with S&P accounts while you are at any SFU campus and logged into the SFU network.

      Off campus 

      SFU faculty & staff should be able to log into the Excel add-in from off campus without any extra steps. If you encounter issues, contact S&P to confirm that your S&P Capital IQ account is properly coded as a faculty/staff account. Call them at +1 888 806 5541, or email them at support.CIQ@spglobal.com.

      SFU graduate students must first connect to SFU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) before logging into the Excel add-in. For instructions on how to download and install the Forticlient VPN app, see Get Started with SFU VPN

      SFU undergraduate students are unable to access the Excel add-in from off campus. 

      Current members of the Beedie Endowment Asset Management (BEAM) team should contact the Business Librarian, Mark Bodnar, to discuss options: mbodnar@sfu.ca.

      If you have further questions, please contact Mark Bodnar: mbodnar@sfu.ca.

      How can I book a defence or a defence rehearsal in the Thesis Defence Room?

      Bookings are made by the graduate assistant in a student's home department/school/faculty/program. Contact this member of your department staff. They are responsible for the booking.  Any questions can be directed to library@sfu.ca.

      How can I find statistics to support my research?

      Depending on the subject, many of the Research Guides list sources for statistics.  Statistical Sources also lists specific databases for statistical resources.

      How can I get more information about copyright?

      See the pages for Instructors, Staff, Students or Authors and other creators on the Copyright website for FAQs, links and resources.

      How can I make the class readings available to my students?

      See Making readings available to students.

      How can I print an SFU thesis available online?

      SFU thesis authors have authorized the SFU Library to digitize and provide a copy of their thesis through Summit - SFU's Digital Research Repository.

      Currently many of the copies are read only and do not allow printing. In these cases the Library needs to contact the author to get permission to provide a "read and print only" copy.   Please contact summit-permissions@sfu.ca if you would like us to contact a particular author to ask permission for access to a "read and print only" copy.

      Selected SFU theses may also be available within Dissertations and Theses Abstracts and Index.  Full text versions of theses or dissertations held within the database may be printed.

      How can I save my work when I am using a computer in the Library?

      The cloud

      Use SFU's Vault service to store your files.

      You may choose to use an external service like DropBox or Google Drive to save your work on a remote server. SFU has no control over the security of your documents, or the protection of your privacy when you use these external services. Please be informed about your online privacy before using these services.

      USB drive

      You can use a personal USB drive (USB key, flash drive, thumb drive) to keep your saved work on physical media.


      Send an electronic copy to your own email address as a document attachment to save it. Consider using the Briefcase function in SFU Connect to keep your files organized.

      Keep a paper copy

      Use library printers to create a paper copy of your document.


      How do I book an appointment at the SLC?

      You can book all your Student Learning Commons (SLC) appointments online by following the instructions on the Consultation Information page.

      How do I borrow a book or other Library materials?

      Search the Library Catalogue for the book, video, DVD, or other Library materials. 

      Find out how to locate and/or check out your books and other materials at Library Catalogue search guide.