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How can I find statistics to support my research?

Depending on the subject, many of the Research Guides list sources for statistics.  Statistical Sources also lists specific databases for statistical resources.

How can I get more information about copyright?

See the pages for Instructors, Staff, Students or Authors and other creators on the Copyright website for FAQs, links and resources.

How can I make the class readings available to my students?

See Making readings available to students.

How can I print an SFU thesis available online?

SFU thesis authors have authorized the SFU Library to digitize and provide a copy of their thesis through Summit - SFU's Digital Research Repository.

Currently many of the copies are read only and do not allow printing. In these cases the Library needs to contact the author to get permission to provide a "read and print only" copy.   Please contact summit-permissions@sfu.ca if you would like us to contact a particular author to ask permission for access to a "read and print only" copy.

Selected SFU theses may also be available within Dissertations and Theses Abstracts and Index.  Full text versions of theses or dissertations held within the database may be printed.

How can I save my work when I am using a computer in the Library?

The Cloud

Use SFU Microsoft OneDrive to store your files.

You may choose to use an external service like DropBox or Google Drive to save your work on a remote server. SFU has no control over the security of your documents, or the protection of your privacy when you use these external services. Please be informed about your online privacy before using these services.

USB drive

Use a personal USB drive (USB key, flash drive, thumb drive) to keep your saved work on physical media.


Send an electronic copy as an attachment to an email to your own email address. Please check Storage Space and Quota for SFU Mail to ensure you have enough space in your SFU Mail account..

Keep a paper copy

Use library printers to create a paper copy of your document.

How do I book an appointment at the SLC?

You can book all your Student Learning Commons (SLC) appointments online by following the instructions on the Consultation Information page.

How do I borrow a book or other Library materials?

Search the Library Catalogue for the book, video, DVD, or other Library materials. 

Find out how to locate and/or check out your books and other materials at Library Catalogue search guide.

How do I cancel a request (or hold) that I've put on an item?

You can cancel any requests you have made in your library account by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your library account.
  2. Locate your requests in your account.
  3. Press the red "cancel" button on the items you want to cancel.
  4. Confirm that you want to "cancel it".

You will then be notified that your request has been cancelled.

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Lib Account
1. Sign in to your library account
2. Locate your requests in your account.
3. Press the red "cancel" button on the items you want to cancel
confirm cancel
4. Confirm that you want to "cancel it".

You will then be notified that your request has been cancelled.


You can also cancel your request (or hold) by calling the Circulation/Loans desk at any of the branches and asking the staff to cancel the request (or hold).

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  •  WAC Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) Loans Desk - 778.782.4345
  •  Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) Loans Desk - 778.782.5050
  •  Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) Loans Desk - 778.782.7411

You can also email libcirc@sfu.ca asking that the staff cancel your request (or hold).

    How do I cite information in a paper (or thesis) I am writing?

    See the Library's Writing & Style Guides for samples, for information on citation manuals in the library and for information on how to cite web sources.

    How do I cite material from Special Collections and Rare Books?

    Attribution for archival material should be provided as follows:

    Item [record/image number] courtesy of the [full fonds/collection name], Special Collections and Rare Books, Simon Fraser University Library. [website URL if applicable].

    For example:

    Item MsC-177-1-3-0-0-2 courtesy of the David and Mary Macaree fonds, Special Collections and Rare Books, Simon Fraser University Library. https://atom.archives.sfu.ca/msc-177-1-3-0-0-2.