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  • Belzberg Library is at 515 W. Hastings Street - between Richards and Seymour Streets - next to the Harbour Centre Tower (the building that looks like it has a space ship on top). From the Burnaby campus, take the #135 bus, which stops right in front of the building.

    Check out the SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre map for its location.

  • The entrance to the Bennett Library (Burnaby campus) is on the north side of Convocation Mall at the SFU Campus on the top of Burnaby Mountain. From the downtown campus, take the #135 bus Eastbound on Hastings Street at Richards. By car, you can reach the campus via Gagliardi Road or Hastings Street.  See Burnaby Campus Maps and Directions for more information.

    The Belzberg Library (Harbour Centre Campus)is at 515 West Hastings Street - between Richards and Seymour Streets - in the old Sears Tower Building (the building that looks like it has a space ship on top). From the main campus, take the #135 bus, which stops right in front of the building. Check out the SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre Map for more information.

    The Fraser Library is located on Podium 3 of the SFU Surrey Campus at Central City, #250 -13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C. See Surrey Campus Maps and Directions for more information.

  • Copyright protection arises automatically when a work is created and generally subsists for 50 years after the author’s death, though this can vary depending on the type of work and where you want to use it. Works protected by copyright include literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works; sound recordings; performances; and communication signals. After copyright expires, the work enters the public domain and can be used freely without the need for permission or payment.

    In Canada, there is no requirement that the work be registered or that the word "copyright," or the symbol ©, appear on the work in order to be protected under the law.

    When you want to use a particular work in Canada, the safest approach is to assume that the work is protected by copyright, unless there is a clear indication to the contrary or the author has been dead for at least 50 years. 

    For more information about duration of copyright protection in Canada see the Government of Canada’s About Copyright publication and the Canadian Public Domain Flowchart.

  • 1. The library will send you an email notification within 24 hrs of the item's arrival advising you that it is available for pick-up.

    2. You can check online by going to the library homepage and clicking on the link called "Renew my items / My library account". The item is available for pickup when your record says "Ready for pickup".

    3. You can call any branch of the library to see if your requested book is available:

    Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby): 778.782.4345

    Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver): 778.782.5050

    Fraser Library (SFU Surrey): 778.782.7411

    Note: For students and faculty/staff on payroll, notices are emailed to your official SFU email address You can redirect library and other notices from your official SFU email address to your preferred email address at Go to account management and then forward your email. For alumni, notices are emailed to the preferred address on file with the SFU Alumni Relations Office. For all other borrowers, library notices will be sent to the email address you have registered with the SFU Library.

  • When you check out a book, you will get an email notification that includes the date when your books are due back. 

    You can also Check your borrower record (also known as My Library Record), which will tell you when your books are due back.


    Having problems with your account ID? 

    SFU community: Students, faculty, and staff

    Current faculty, students and staff must log in to assignment station computers on with their SFU Computing account ID and password.

    Express station computers permit browsing the SFU Library website and Catalogue without logging in. To view other websites or access databases, you will be prompted for an SFU Computing ID and password.

    Alumni, IB students, and external borrowers: Patrons with SFU Library cards

    Alumni have off-campus access to selected electronic resources. For more information on Library Services for Alumni/External Borrowers, please see Services for Alumni Borrowers and External Borrowers

    Express station computers permit browsing the SFU Library website and Catalogue without logging in. To view other websites or access databases, you will be prompted for your login.

    Guests: Patrons with no SFU Library cards

    Guests to the Library may request a temporary "guest ID" and password from the checkout counter of any SFU Library. Free public access is granted with guest ID which expires at the end of the day (one hour at Belzberg Libary, SFU Vancouver).

    Logging in

    • Enter your username exactly as it appears on the slip -- it will start with IC followed by a space, and then have a letter combination of your first and last names.
    • Your username and password are case-sensitive -- enter both exactly as they appear.

    Access and restrictions

    • Guest access to the Mac workstations is not available
    • At the Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver), guests are limited to one hour per day.
    • SFU Community users have priority use of library workstations.
    • Independent and visiting scholars have guest library computing privileges.
    • A guest login does not provide access to the SFU wireless network
    • NOTE: Borrowers must not share their login information

    See also:

    Where can I find computers at SFU Libraries?

    Does the Library provide wireless access to the SFU network?

    What software is included on library desktops and laptops?

    SFU Library Public Computer Policy

    Guest Log-in Terms and Conditions

  • Instructors are permitted to copy, distribute, communicate or perform works found on the Internet for your students, provided that:

    1. The work is properly cited (e.g., source, author, performer, maker, and/or broadcaster),
    2. The work is publicly available (e.g., access is not restricted by a Technological Protection Measure),
    3. There is no clearly visible notice (not just the copyright symbol alone) prohibiting the intended use, and
    4. It is apparent that the work was not made available in violation of the copyright owner’s rights.
  • Finding Ebook Central books

    Browse or search the Ebook Central collection or search for the book within the SFU library Catalogue.

    Anyone may use ebrary from within SFU libraries with either an SFU Computing ID or a Guest Login. Students, faculty, and staff may use ebrary from any computer with their SFU Computing ID.

    Features: Personal accounts, downloads, and more

    Accounts:  If you wish to do more than just read the book in your browser, you will have to sign up.

    Printing from ebrary: Click on "InfoTools." You can print to paper or PDF a maximum of 30% of the pages, to see how many go to the book's Detail Page.

    Downloading: Click on "Download." You will be prompted to sign into your account.

    Download a maximum of 30% of the pages as a PDF, permanently

    Download the entire book for 14 days using Adobe Digital Editions

    Text search, highlighting, and annotation: On the banner above your ebook display. Use your account to save changes.

    Accessibility options for the visually impaired.

  • Sign into your account within the Library Catalogue to renew your checked out books.

    You may also renew by telephoning: 778.782.4345 (Bennett Library), 778.782.5050 (Belzberg Library), or 778.782.7411 (Surrey Library).


  • What is making a request (or placing a hold)?

    You can request (or place a hold on) a book, video, or other item which is:

    • already out on loan (also known as a recall)
    • at the library where you wish to pick it up
    • at another campus library
    • currently "In Process."

    In the Library Catalogue, first be sure to sign in, then use the option to place a request for your book (or other material). You can then select the location where you would like to pick it up.

    You must be signed into the Catalogue to be able to make a request (or place a hold). 

    The book that I want is out. How can I get it when it comes back?

    You can recall a book by requesting (or placing a hold on) it in the Library Catalogue.  

    Requesting books and other materials the Library doesn't own

    To get material from another Library, you can request an InterLibrary Loan (ILL). 

    To ask the Library to buy a book we don't currently own, you can suggest a title for purchase.